Monday, February 09, 2009

Warning: Crazay week ahead!

Today is the calm before the storm...and I might just make it calmer here in a sec.. "Hey Darly, will you please unload the dishwasher?"

Tuesday: a co-op class at 9am, but we have to drive 20 min to get there. That goes until noonish. And I have to deliver cookies to at least one girl, possibly two. Then Darly has gymnastics class that evening, so I have to get her to eat dinner before we go with enough time for it to digest so she doesn't get sick there.

Wednesday: Valentines Day Party to 2pm. I have to pick up more Girl Scout cookies at 4:30 if I can...I may have to wait. fix dinner. Darly to Confirmation at 6:15pm and me to Girl Scout Leader Training at 6:30pm. DH will have to pick up cuz I won't be done until 9:30.

for the Leader Training they are recommending that I print out two books to bring with me. I took a look at the is 61 pages long the other is 70something and both are full of blank pages or pages that are half eaten up by pictures of girl scouts! hummm I don't want to waste my printer ink on that. So I emailed another leader to see 1) how necessary the books were and 2) if I could borrow her copies if I really HAD to bring them. hee hee. Hopefully she tells me that I don't need them or I can get free copies at the meeting. hee if I could just find my Jr Handbook, I'll be all set.

Thursday: Is DH's Birthday, but he has to work. Another class at 10am and then gym. DH wants brownies for his birthday "cake" yum!

Friday: we might go ice skating and then I have a class at 7pm that night. And I need to do something else too...I sure hope that I remember what that is soon!

I may be out (of my mind) for the rest of the week!


  1. Will you make me brownies for my birthday "cake?" :o)

  2. Whoa! What a week! Hope you get some time to decompress :)

  3. Shush, TC! The only people who get brownies are people whose birthdays are Thursday, i.e. me and DH.

    I'm actually hoping for some chocolate pie for my bday "cake." AND, my Girl Scout cookies are supposed to be in tomorrow!