Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm too crazy for my own good!!!

Well I've gone and done it again. Over booked my day. I'm just too crazy.

This morning I've got an LLL meeting at 10am to 12.

Then at 2 we're doing a field trip...I don't know how long that is supposed to last, but we've gotta get out of there by 3:30 because

Gymnastics starts at 4:30 on the other side of town from there.

I've already decided to use our toll road to try to cut through most of the traffic...but there will be traffic to get to the toll road and from the toll road to gymnastics class.

I'm really hoping that we aren't late.

UPDATE: We made it!!!

I woke up on time this morning to get ready for my LLL meeting. I had 2 hours to get to the field trip after the meeting. But it ran about 30 min over. I get home and decide that we need an hour to get to the field trip. So I now have just 30 min to get ready.
I wanna make spaghetti sauce in the crock pot and get some lunch. I had Darly getting me ingredients while I would have been faster to get them myself as I had to repeat what I wanted 3 times. But she helped and I was cooking my lunch too. Got the sauce going, burned my mouth on the lunch and we were out the door. I decided since we were late to take our toll road. We got there with a few minutes to spare.
Our field trip was to Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. This place was HUGE and pretty amazing. At first I was wondering why we were taking a field trip to a Sporting goods store. But once we got there I understood. The link there shows you what we saw. When you first come in there is the huge fireplace with all the stuffed sheep. The kids were in awe of all of it...horns, sheep, bears. Then we went to the fish tank...its the waterfall picture. In this tank they have a ton of trout and other large fish...including Bubba a catfish who likes to dine on his tankmates. I'm not sure why or how, but we also ended up with a tour of the kitchen in the restaurant. The kids were not impressed. LOL but the manager enjoyed showing it to us...except for two kids acting up in the seafood thawing frig. This place also has a Starbucks that gives out free samples...I didn't get a freebee so I went and ordered one using a gift card that I had. Some of the other parents were teasing me that my drink was bigger than theirs...I said I "knew people."
Darly was bummed because they didn't open up the climbing wall until it was time for us (darly & me) to leave to get her to gymnastics. I was very worried about traffic on the one interstate as it is always least every other time I've taken it. This time it was fine and we had plenty of time to get to the gym.

We came home to a house smelling of spaghetti sauce and dinner was done as soon as the angel hair pasta was cooked. Yummy!


  1. Whew...I'm exhausted just reading about your day. So where is your field trip this time...readers want to know!

    Oh...and I hope you get to the gymnastics class on time! Good luck!

  2. Hhehe all the drivers better get out of the way - Renee is coming through! :) Hope it all goes smoothly today!

  3. What no helicopter to get you hither and yon? Is this the gymnastic class with the really funky parking lot?

  4. Good luck! I hope the evening is relaxing!

  5. How was the birthday???

    Renee *hugs* Take a few minutes and slow down, huh? ;)

  6. Joan: I'm exhausted too. Read the update for the trip location. And we did make it.

    Goofy girl: I think that one lady was upset with me, but it wasn't her I messed up with...I tried to go around a big rig making a turn in front of me and he swerved left...right at me!

    Lynn: no even with DH's connections, I don't have a helicopter. And yes that's the gymnastics with the funky parking lot. Today that part where we have to go in a circle was so backed up that it was completely blocked. No one could everyone in the circle had to bunch up so there was enough room for the first car to get out. I just sat there watching it all happen from my parking space. The one lady got out of her car to tell the one blocking her in that she had to move.

    Barbara: Yes, this evening has been much more relaxing...even with all the paperwork I just filed as today was the deadline for my LLL it all in? NO! I've got 20 reports and I don't know how many Leaders still unpaid.

    TC: the party was great and fun was had by all. DD gave out thank you cards that she made herself today. what a kid!

    Tomorrow is all clear! I need to do laundry though.

  7. Glad everything fell into place.

    You're making me hungry talking about the spaghetti sauce. Yummm.

  8. Don't you just love the crock pot? The person who invented it is a genius.

    An Island Life

  9. Wow! Just clicked on the link to the store...I've never seen anything like it...The store looks huge! Glad to hear that you got to all of your destinations on time, and that you had a delicious dinner:~)

  10. See...I just knew you'd survive and do all that needed to be done! What a day!!! Oh...and any field trip which includes Starbucks would be a dream field trip for me!