Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Darly loves to be blog fodder...

today after a day at the zoo Darly & I decided to do a bit of shopping. I picked out a skirt, top & swim suit to try on... a two piece swim suit.

Darly goes with me to try them on. I try on the swim suit first as I have to get the most undressed for it. I get the bottoms on and we were both like "ewwwe!" at the almost plumbers crack going on in the back.

Then I try on the top and Darly says that I "have a female's plumber's crack going on in the front!" She was talking about the amount of cleavage showing.

Needless to say, I did not buy the swim suit. I did get a nice skirt though.


  1. Trying on a bathing suit before it is absolutely necessary...you are one brave woman! What does the skirt look like?

  2. Haha... plumber's crack down the front.



  3. Oh Darly. You funny girl.

    Bathing suit trying-on is a horrible experience, with or without commentary. :)

  4. You are one brave woman to try on a two piece bathing suit. Me? I don't think I've had on a two-piece since I was 5 years old. Let's just say my body craves as much cover as I can give it.

  5. lynn: yeah, it was kinda dumb to be trying it on...especially after a day of eating zoo food. I felt so bloated. The skirt is pink and it kinda swirls and flairs out at the bottom which comes to the calf.

    TC: yeah, she comes up with some good ones sometimes.

    Carmen: you said it!

    Joan: yeah, I don't think I'll actually do a 2 piece. I'm just hopeful. I looked okay in a 2 piece bc (before child) but now I just look very short and frumpy. I should have tired on the cute one piece I saw...but it was white with hybiscus on it and white = see through...NOT a good idea.

  6. Love the image of a female plumber's crack. Darly is so quick.

  7. LOL!! She's hysterical!

  8. She's a funny girl! What fun!

  9. Nicole: She tries...sometimes too hard to be blog fodder. She'll say something and ask if I'll blog about it. So she was quite pleased that I agreed to post that one.

    Ladybug: yup! She tries hard.

    Denise: putting on the swim suit? Not so much fun. Laughing in the fitting room, well that was fun. I wonder who heard us. LOL