Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Please Excuse the Crazy Lady in the corner

Oh April is so not the time to be me. Everything seems to hit the fan now and I am so stressed.

I have probably mentioned all of this before

Time & Talent sheets at Church are all done. Yay.

Easter is done. Yay

Darly's homeschool paperwork and testing is done. Yay

Still on the burner makeing me crazy:

LLL collecting Financial Reports & Leader Dues. The deadline is this I'm expecting a very full mailbox here soon and a bunch of whiney emails too. I've already gotten one.

Homeschool Coop. That's going relatively smoothy...except for me forgetting to put one line on the form and as it turns out the folks affected by it don't care. Gotta love homeschool moms...they're so easy going! And my co-Leaders are helping me out lots...and I'm smart enough to let them.

Darly's birthday party. I didn't get the invites out until Monday and as you can see by my ticker it's coming up fast!!! I still haven't heard any RSVPs yet. I'm so stressed that this isn't going to happen. I guess worse case is that we reschedule fo another weekend and hope for the best. We got some really cute stuff for the goodie bags though. Darly is having a Movie Star theme (as in the girls are the movie stars...not that we're doing any worshiping of those current strung out starlettes.)

So if I seem a bit more looney than usual...just ignore me. I'll be better in May, I hope.


  1. For what it's worth, I like looney.

  2. Nicole: I must be kind of fond of looney too as I'm always stressed. I have told my friends that I must be an adrenaline junkie or something.

  3. You are one busy lady!!! It's so much easier to finish stuff if the only one that it involves is you. When you are dependant on others, ie: LLL, Homeschool Coop, and RSVP's for Darly's makes it so much more difficult! Breathe in and out...and hang in there!

  4. What mom isn't looney at times? The good thing is that you know in your heart you'll survive this craziness and that all will turn out well in the end. Oh wait, is there ever an end to the craziness?

  5. And if we like the looney lady...?

  6. I'll come to Darly's birfday party!!!! I got a birfday comin' up soon an' I'll be One. Maybe me an' Darly are twins.

  7. You've been busy!! I hope that you're able to have a wonderful party for Darly - sounds like a wonderful time!! :)

  8. lynn: You're right. If I were relying souly on me it would all be done.


    TC: if you like the looney lady, you're welcome to not ignore her and come back as much as you like.

    Catzee: You may very well be Darly's twin...she is very cat like and likes cats very much. She wants to get a Torti cat just like you.

    goofy girl: So far two girls are coming. It should be a fun time.

  9. Why is it that a lot of people tend to rsvp at the last minute? I'm sure they knew they were attending all along.

    An Island Life

  10. Kailani: I have no idea. It probably doesn't help too much that I didn't get the invites out until Monday, but the two who have RSVPd said they got them on Tuesday. The other two live closer. DD is upset that we didn't mail them out sooner, but I'm thinking that it doesn't matter. If they wanted to come they'll come.

  11. Catzee can definitely come to Darly's birthday sleepover. I'll personally escort her to the teleporter. Just let me know when you want her so I can schedule in some peace and quiet!

  12. Sounds like a crazy time for you.

  13. Sounds like a lot to do. Good luck!

  14. Hmmm. I looked in the mail. I didn't see an invite. I want to be a movie star with Darly! ;)

    I hope the party goes off without a hitch.

  15. Exciting life; hope you get a chance to relax soon. Maybe when the weather turns warm again-- if EVER! Argh!

    And happy birthday to Darly-- hope it's a happy one for her, however things turn out. ((HUGS))