Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Microwave on the way...

Yesterday I went shopping for a new Microwave. I found that getting one in the color that will match my kitchen was the most difficut part. The options were all pretty much the same for each brand.

So the first store I went to only had one in Bisque. It had a dent in the far back corner which would have been fine as it is the part that is hidden by the cabinet (remember this is an over the range microwave.) But it was a GE Spacemaker...the one I've read at least 10 bad reviews on...and to top it off a lady that I know (who just happens to also be named Renee) had her 2 year old model go out on her. So even though it was a really great deal, I wasn't going to take a chance on it. A good deal isn't such a good deal if you have to keep having it repaired.

Then I headed over to Lowes. There was only one bisque microwave on display, but when I went to ask if any of the others came in bisque there was no one to ask. It seemed that Lowes management had decided that time of day was perfect for all their appliance sales staff to be in a sales meeting. The lady I spoke to told them that they had 3 customers and it was a really dumb idea that they were all in that meeting. So they sent Jim out but instead of coming to help me, he went to talk to a couple (I guess a couple looks more likely to buy than a Mom and her daughter.) and I couldn't wait any longer...we had to go grocery shopping for some dinner that didn't require a microwave to cook it with!

After the grocery shopping and dropping Darly off at gymnastics class, I headed over to Home Depot. There I had two sales associates to help me and they had a sign on each microwave with it's price and what colors it came in. I found out from the sales associates that all the appliances over $297 would be 10% off today through Sunday and there was a rebate on the shipping to my house. They also had 3 different microwaves that came in bisque...two would be in the 10% off range. Of those 2 one was a GE Spacemaker...the other was a Maytag. So I wrote down the info and came home to do my research. No bad reviews on this's 2 cubic feet of cooking space and 1150 watts. This was the biggest microwave in that price range. Hummm I'm now wondering why it was so cheap.

Oh well. I went back today and ordered one, it's due to be here next Tuesday and hopefully I'll be cooking with magnatrons by the following weekend.

Oh yeah, the guy at Home Depot showed me the bracket that gets used to hang the microwave on the wall and explained the installation process to me. I think that I could probably do it myself, if I could carry the thing! LOL DH & I shouldn't have any problems getting this thing in.


  1. I would be afraid to hang a microwave on the wall. What if it fell off?

    An Island Life

  2. uggh, don't remind me -- I still don't have an oven. I wonder if I can get one in avocado. I love that color!!

  3. We had to get an over the range microwave not too long ago. It had to do with a dead rat and maggots (which is a long story). If the bracket that is already there for the old microwave, is the same as the bracket for the new microwave, then you and dh shouldn't have any trouble snapping the new microwave in...good luck.

  4. I hope you got a good deal on the microwave. I'm pretty sure I couldn't hang it on the wall without something caving in. :)

    I took your advice on the theme park date, btw. I hope mine ends as good as yours. :) (I think that was your story, boy, I sure hope I didn't stick my foot in my mouth)

  5. I was just thinking last night how good my microwave and VCR have been.

    I've had my microwave since like 1996. And my VCR since I lived with my parents. I probably bought it around 1992 or 1993.

  6. I am really impressed that the Home Depot person was willing to give a woman instructions on how to install an appliance. And I'm also impressed that you and DH will be able to install the microwave without help. Now...I have a list of home projects I need someone to do for me...interested??? :~)

  7. I've had a GE Spacemaker microwave for ever! As a matter of fact, I put one in my old house and when I re-did this kitchen, I put the same kind in here. I have never had any issues with it... It works great!

  8. Yay! We love the microwave!

    Let me know how the install goes, that sounds like it will be interesting.

  9. It's so exciting to get a new appliance once you get over the sadness of having to spend money on it. Looking forward to a photo of it once you have it installed.

  10. I love my Maytag appliances! Seven years and not a single problem. The GE microwave, though, it's starting to look for the door... So, good choice!