Monday, April 23, 2007

Tonight is Co-op registration

The homeschooling group that I'm in has this nifty thing we call a Co-op. This is where I can offer to teach or coordinate a class, field trip or something of interest to the group and then I get to sign up for everyone else's class. It's a really fun way to get to do stuff like take advantage of group discounts or learn something fascinating.

We hold the Co-ops in 4 month chunks and the Summer Co-op's registration is tonight and starts on May 1st.

Our group has offered some really cool classes this time (they do every time!) it seems as if everyone tries to come up with something more exciting than last time. That trip to the Bass World was a Co-op class...who would have thought to have a field trip at a sporting goods store??? This is why I do the co-op, some of the things we get to do, I would have never thought of on my own.

Well, like I said...tonight is the registration. And I am the coordinator for the co-op so it means I'm in charge of making sure it runs smoothly. The hardest part will be that most of the folks get to register "early" because they offered more than one class and then 5 have to wait until 9pm to register. I don't really expect it to be a problem, but I do have to figure out the password system (even though I've been told how to do it, I lost the post where the directions were!)

So I'll be here tonight overseeing everything...It will be good, it will all be good. Right?

UPDATE: Classes offered *=we wanna do this class!

Hunt at the Zoo*
Boot Camp - Drill & Marching (can't talk Darly into this one)
Frog Hunt
Lapbooking/Notebooking/Journaling show -for adults (I don't do this kinda stuff)
Cabrini Shrine (been there)
Playground games*
Rocky Mtn Seed company
Evening picnic at the park
Denver Zoo* (this is my class...yeah, easy to do!)
Tour Hiwan Museum*
Hike Meadow Castle Loop (can't, gone to wedding)
Butterfly Pavillion*
Co Springs Pioneer Museum
Grown Up book club*
Pipe Clearners gone crazy
Trail Hike & Picnic*
Chocolate Tasting*
Forensic Science Mystery!*
Beach Day (Darly at Girl Scout Camp)
Beach Day different beach*
Block Printing*
Spoon Puppets
Beginner Dissection (Darly says ewwwwe!)
Mom's Night-Cultural Potluck (maybe)
Chinese Jumprope & Sprayground*
Fat City (I say No!)


  1. I hope it goes well! :) Sounds like very interesting things to do!

  2. Do you volunteer to be involved in everything??? You are one busy lady. My sister has taught me that I can say "no". It's one thing to participate...entirely another to be in charge. I hope that all goes well tonight ;~)

  3. It will be good.
    It will be good.
    It will be good.
    It will be good.
    It will be good...

  4. It will be good.

    Looking forward to hearing what you end up doing.

  5. Just reading your blog makes me dizzy, you are so busy!

    We homeschooled our kids a long time ago, back when it wasn't so easy to get connected with other homeschoolers. Sounds like you've got a great co-op!

  6. P.S. Good luck!

  7. Wow, some of those sound quite interesting. Chinese jumprope and sprayground?

    What is fat city?

  8. I hope everything runs smoothly...I'm sure it will with you organizing it! Oh...where can I sign up for some of those classses...especially the chocolate tasting class???

  9. I totally want to sign up. Can I?

  10. Is a butterfly pavilion like a butterfly farm? Sounds interesting!

    An Island Life

  11. Updated comment - Those classes sound like fun...where do we sign up? ;~)

  12. ...and what it a "sprayground"?

  13. Goofy Girl: We're excited.

    Lynn: well, yeah, I do tend to volunteer for a lot...but this is the main part of my homeschooling group job. It only happens ever 4 months and I've made changes that make it much easier for myself...that everyone loves (it gives them more power and me less work! win win for everyone!)

    barbara: All went very well. We had one who couldn't sign in because she was using the password at the wrong place and one miscommunication on how many kids could take the class. She has two extra in her class, but she's fine with it.

    nicole: all went very well.

    Pam: nice to meet you. We have an awesome homeschool group...the best in our Area I hear. It makes DH happy that we are a part of it.

    Bone: I think she'll teach the jumprope and then we get to go get wet at the splayground.

    Joan: the Chocolate tasting is very popular and space is limited.

    Kailani: The Butterfly Pavillion has a lot of bugs, but in one atrium area they have the butterflies. They buy crysalis from mostly S America and have them in a window for us to watch them immerge. Then they bring the butterflies out and tell us what kinds they are and release them...this is when your are most likely to get landed on as their wings may still be a bit wet. Darly has been landed on 3 times & I have been landed on once.

    Lynn: the Sprayground is like a playground with lots of sprinklers & tubes spraying water mist. It should be fun.