Tuesday, April 24, 2007

whining about the $$$

My computer has been on it's very last legs for a long time (we've already replaced the monitor.) And now it looks like the floppy drive is failing. "Please last til Christmas"

We have to go to Michigan this summer for my neice's wedding as Darly is a flower girl (and Darly would KILL us if we said no!) Luckily different part of the trip are already paid for... the flight wants their money up front and the one hotel took half their money already. Oh yeah, we need two different hotels because niece didn't want to get married in her hometown (they have a tradition in Frankenmuth of the entire town crashing your reception...weird germans!)

My Mom is whining that she never gets to see us and can't afford to come here (even though my brother & I have both offered to fly her out here) She is worried that her employer will fire her if she takes off from work and she's too sick & old to get a job somewhere else. So we need to try to go to FL in the fall to see her, "before she dies."

The car just finished eating over $1200 in brakes & new 4x4 hubs when we took it in for the deer damage...they were supposed to realign the front headlight.

And yesterday my Microwave kicked the bucket! I tried to cook some frozen veggies and it made a really weird noise, so I clicked it off immediately. Then just to be sure it wasn't working, I let it run a minute... YUP, the food was still ice cold and now the microwave smelled funny.

Luckily the replacement for the microwave will run us less than $300 and now I can have another appliance that matches... When we bought the house it came with black appliances but they took their frig. I don't like black, so I bought bisque (the new almond) and I got a new stove as I don't like gas and they hadn't cleaned theirs in a century it seemed. So we had 2 bisque appliances (frig & stove) and two black appliances (dishwasher & Microwave)...so now I can get a bisque microwave and then only have the black dishwasher...which they had just replaced before we bought the house, so that should be with us for a while. *sigh*

I'm really hoping the next trip to Vegas that DH has to take for work he wins some money. And this is really bad of me, but when DH went to Mississippi for Hurricane Katrina he got some AWESOME extra pay. I guess it is bad to hope for a natural disaster, huh?


  1. Sounds like your mother is too tired to travel. Maybe her capacity to manage her affairs is fully utilized and traveling would overwhelm her. Older people lose some of the flexibility they had in their youth.

    My dishwasher is 17 years old, it is so loud I can't stand to listen to it. Hubby says there is nothing wrong with it. I really want one of the quiet models.

  2. I'll cross my fingers for DH to win some big money at the slots. ;)

  3. I have high hopes regarding a big win for DH. He sounds like a lucky guy to me, after all he has you and Darly. :)

  4. Sounds like it's time to win the lottery. (Does the dishwasher happen to have a panel on the front that can be switched to "bisque"?

  5. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your DH will find a whole lotta luck on his next visit to Vegas. I always find it a little freaky that everything we own seems to go on the fritz at the same time. I'd like to blame it on some household conspiracy but I wouldn't know who to blame.

  6. Hope DH has some luck for you!!!

    But yeah, I wouldn't go so far as to hope for a natural disaster. ;)

  7. Do they make "appliance paint" that you could use? Otherwise maybe you could cover the dishwasher with Darly's artwork;~)

  8. You must read posts off a reader, Renee. I've been going back and trying to put post labels on some of my old posts, so if you are seeing that I suddenly have a lot of posts, that's the deal. I'm not really writing that many. :)

  9. BarbaraI commented on your blog, but no...Mom does like to travel. She's just afraid of her employer since she's 60 and needs her medical coverage.

    Carmen thanks for the finger crossing. Last year he won 7th place in a slot tournament that paid for each place ending in a 7. woo hoo! We used that money to go to VA.

    Nicole He is pretty lucky...I'm lucky to have him.

    Lynn If we played the lotto that would be a good plan. No our dishwasher is newer (99) where they stopped making the changable pannels...darn them!

    Joan thanks for the finger crossing. Things do seem to all go at once. I'm hoping our bad spell is over for a while.

  10. I'll pray that you guys win the MegaBucks or the lottery! Boy, when it rains it pours!

    An Island Life

  11. If y'all drive to Florida instead of flying... wave when you go through Tifton!

  12. I dig you on the whining about money. My house sure is eating a lot of it, I am so tempted to use my children's money, given by their granma for fun, for repair. I know their money pooled together could get me a whole new back-wall siding painted. But we don't do that...we'll be shopping for toys for those who wants to shop, and going to the bank and buying CDs for those who wants also. Five children can be a lot of work sometimes.

  13. Anonymous5:50 AM

    We have a saying, "When it rains it pours." Sounds like it has been pouring out your way.

    It poured rain yesterday and I took some photos through the windshield experimenting.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  14. How many legs does yur computer got? I hope it's enuf to last until you can get another one!