Thursday, May 08, 2008

Adventures in Webcamming!

well when I purchased our new monitor for the computer, I also picked up a very cheap webcam. It's a very nice GE model that only set me back about 17 bucks. I got it cuz, well I have a friend who has one and it's been fun to talk to her over the internet...and the kids have fun with it too.

so we got our cam and I installed it when Heather's kid was here for a sleepover weekend. Our first use of the cam was for kid to have a webcam chat with her dad & brothers. The conversation was going really well until both her brothers decided that they would try to be as crazy as they could, climbing all over their dad to try to be goofy and famous...i guess. I think it was nice for Heather's kid to be able to check in with her family while she was here...although I don't think that she was at all homesick.

our next webcam adventure happened yesterday when Darly should have been cleaning her room. Instead of cleaning her room she spent the better part of yesterday on the webcam with Heather's kid having a Webkinz American Idol show!!! They spent the afternoon with their Webkinz singing to each other. :eyeroll!:

While I was very disappointed that Darly's room did not get cleaned, I suppose that the girls having a virtual playdate was not a bad thing. In fact I plan to contact Darly's friends who have moved away to see if they have webcams too for long distance virtual playdates. Yeah, I'm crazy.

I did contact my Mom to see if she might get a cam to keep in touch, but alas money is so tight right now for her (she's been approved for disability, but the government has not yet started sending her payments. :more eyerolling!:) that they had to disconnect their internet service and they also had their long distance phone service cut off too.

So have webcam? Let's chat. LOL!


  1. Awww that's really cute :)

  2. I am so behind the times. I've thought about getting a web cam, but then I would have to get all "gussied up" if I want to use the computer...sigh.

  3. I have a camera on my laptop and my SIL convinced me to sign up with Skype so we can call/see each other for free. She lives in Australia. At first I thought it was a great idea until I saw how I looked on camera without make-up. Yikes!


  4. i'd probably forget to turn it off and people would see me wandering around the house doing all sorts of random things...

    i can't get past the creep-factor of webcams anyway, though. :)

    happy friday!

  5. I LOVE the idea of a virtual playdate! Webcams are first. The novelty tends to wear off. We have one (on our mac) and Josh's parents have one. They live in Montreal and are supposed to use it to keep in touch with the kids -- and they NEVER use it! But, they'll probably use it when monkey's older and there's more to talk about......?

  6. I have one on my laptop... so far I haven't used it. Well.. except to take a picture of myself and swear I didn't want anyone else to see me looking like that... where's my Jane Jetson mask when I need it?????