Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mother's Day

okay, well first I have to confess that I STILL have not mailed my Mother's day gift to my Mom. Sorry Mom! I've just flaked out on it. I'm a bad girl. I didn't even get her a card. I hope I can still find one.

My Mother's day started off by going to Church and giving my Sunday School kids their final test. I think most of them did well on will just be the boys who didn't want to be there in the first place that will do porely. Oh well, we just found out that it doesn't even matter. The Church has now decided to not even start the kids on the Confirmation program until the 6th grade and to no longer require Sunday School attendance for it.

After Church Dh too me out to lunch at Black Eye Pea. They gave us wayyyy too much food! I ordered 1/2 a sandwich with a cup of soup...who knew that it came with two veggies too??? actually I think our server goofed on that. But it was all good.

When we got home and changed out of our Church clothes I got my loot! Darly had bought me a Pixar Shorts DVD. It's awesome! I just love the shorts...they're so funny.

Darly had warned me the day before that DH had gotten me something on the Don't buy list. So I was wondering what in the world he could have possibly gotten me. He knows better than to get me anything with a cord attached, and that took care of two of the categories. I knew he didn't have the Man all that was left was the lotion and the ugly nighty. So when I opened it I was expecting the lotion...I even had my "I hate this gift" speach all ready. But I didn't need it.

DH got me a storage box for our pictures that were almost damaged in the basement flood. After the flood I had layed out all the pictures so they could dry, and when they were dry I had just left them where they were. So DH was wanting them put away, so his gift was kinda like "I got you this box you wanted, so put the pictures away now." But I was still happy with it. I filled it up and need another one, which DH said I could have. I think I'll grab the newer pictures and put them in a new box too...I wonder if I should vent the box...hummm

After this DH mowed our yard and then we went to MIL's house for DH to mow her yard too. Darly made us dinner and did an excellent job. Everything turned out yummy! Course, all she had to do was put the pre-cooked chicken in a pan and then in the oven, put the onions on top of the green bean casserole and put it in the oven too. Boil water for the rice, dump the rice & seasonings (that I had already measured) in the pot and let it sit and finally nuke the peas.

I'm gonna start letting Darly do more cooking this year, so this was an easy way of getting her started I think. I was cooking way more at her age. Hopefully by the time we get camping this summer she's playing with fire nicely.


  1. we is happy you hadded a great mommy's day Miss Renee.

    And that you didn't get a $600 sucky monster.

    However, you could haf returned it and gotten some really cool rings or bracelets or somefing. And then you could haf said "Thanks for the $600 DH!!".

  2. I wish my Mom had let me cook more: I did all of my cooking with my Grandma. Really, it's amazing I can cook as well as I do now! (Thank goodness for cookbooks!)

    Glad you had a good mother's day! :)

  3. So DH was wanting them put away, so his gift was kinda like "I got you this box you wanted, so put the pictures away now."

    Haha. That's great. Very creative of him.

    I might want that green bean casserole recipe. I dated a girl once that made it, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to call her and ask for it :)

  4. LOL about the box you got for your pictures :)
    Nice way of getting his point across!

    Oh, yes, let Darly do more cooking, I also wished my mom did that. But she hasn't ever liked cooking so all she wanted was to have it done quickly.
    Lucky me, Mr Mr loves cooking and he is very good at it so I "let him" have fun on weekends :) And sometimes during the week too, if he feels like it!

  5. I gived my mom a big purr fur mothers day.

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Any day that someone cooks for me is Mother's Day!


  7. glad your mother's day was nice! once you mentioned black-eyed pea i started drooling. they have the absolute BEST rolls ever. with butter. and honey. oh, man, i'm hungry.

  8. Ohhhhh letting her cook MIGHT mean she will eat more foods... maybe ;)