Friday, May 23, 2008

no ideas here

I had an idea about what to post, but then I forgot it. LOL! Isn't that the way life goes?

Yesterday Darly had stayed the night at a friend's house so I had a free morning to myself. How did I use it? I went shopping! Nothing really exciting there, though.

Darly likes to go shopping so shopping without her was no big deal. Although shopping with her can be so much more fun. We have tons of fun in the dressing room complaining about how the clothes fit us.

case in point: sometimes when I am trying on pants the waistband gaps in the back. I have called this gapping "a cup of soup" because it seems as if you could carry a cup of soup back there! I must have got the idea from this Seinfeld episode. If the gap in the pants is big enough to carry anything I will proclaim "No Soup For YOU!" and toss those pants aside. Unfortunately I run across a bunch of pants that are "cuppa soup" pants and I will come home with no new pants.

Darly has even had trouble finding pants with no "cuppa soup" for herself. It is so crazy. Why would little girl's pants have problems with the waistbands? Usually the pants that fit her best are the ones that have the elastic "belts" inside the waistband that you can adjust.

So yesterday while I was shopping I was looking for glass replacements for all of my plastic microwavable dishes. See I read that cooking your food in plastic can be harmful for you. I had heard that before, and ignored it. But now DH is having some medical issues (not life threatening...just annoying really) so I'm hoping that by simply replacing my dishes that they might get resolved. I figured it wouldn't harm anything to try it...right?

Now I'm off to search the internet for the one dish that alluded me yesterday... a divided "casserole" dish. See with my picky eaters I always cook two different vegetables for dinner. One for me and one for the picky eaters. Using a divided dish saves me time since I can cook both our veggies at the same time. Wish me luck!

Update: I found one at that was on sale for $10 and since the one I sorta found at BedBath&Beyond yesterday was gonna be $20, I bought two! BB&B was gonna have to order me the dish. Then I searched online and found a coupon code to get me 10% off my order so I saved another $2! woo hoo!

Now I can go clean out all of my plastic dishes!


  1. I hope DH is okay! Definitely stop microwaving in plastic.

    Great idea cooking in divided dishes. must try that!

    Congrats on the great savings!! ;) Awesome!

  2. I'm embarrassed that I knew which Seinfeld episode that was without the link. Yikes.

  3. I have such a hard time buying pants for my 2 year old. He is so darn skinny and even though he is 2 he doesn't even stretch the elastic waistband on his 12 month size jeans.

    For myself I have just accepted the fact that if I want my jeans to fit everywhere - I will likely have to pay a tailor to take in my cup of soup in the back. I just mentally add 10-15$ to each purchase for this. Blah.

  4. Well, it could have been the Seinfeld where Bania gives Jerry a suit and tells him he can buy him dinner in return. But when they go out, Bania just gets soup and says that doesn't count for the dinner.

    Cuppa soup... I like that, though. Very creative. You should write for the J. Peterman catalog.