Sunday, May 11, 2008

I gyped my MIL out of $230! & other stuff too

You're in shock right?

See our grocery store was doing this promotion where if you bought a gift card for certain amounts of money they would give you 10% more money. Well we read all the fine print and one of the stipulations was that you could only get one offer. DH wanted to get his mom a gift card for Mother's day and for us to get a larger amount for us to use to get our groceries. The offer said one card, so we decided that we would just get MIL a smaller card with no extra 10%.

So DH goes to get the gift cards and as it turns out the larger amount we wanted to get was actually 4 cards at the lowest amount. We were under the assumption that it would all be on one gift card. Had we had known that we would have just got the larger amount and given MIL one of the 4 cards. Oh well it did seem a bit much to give for Mother's Day and we're sure she'll be very happy with the smaller card.

So this morning I get woken from a nice sleep by my credit card company's fraud dept. Seems they wanted to verify our purchases for yesterday since it seemed awefully unusual to spend that much money at the grocery store. I had to giggle about that. The credit card might be a bit more upset when our credit purchases for groceries go way down for the next few months as I'll be using our gift cards.

Then this evening we went to Champberlin Observatory for their Quarter moon Saturday evening Open House. Oh this was a lot of fun. We have been many times for their Public Nights where it is just a presentation and if the weather is clear we get to look through the telescope. But for Open House all the members of the Astrological Society bring out their telescopes and focus on something up in the sky and allow everyone to look through them.

Early on we got to see the moon a lot, because the sun was still up and that's all we could see. But as soon as the first "star" was visible they all turned their scopes toward it...because it was really Saturn!

It is so unusual to look at Saturn...or even up at the Moon because through the scopes it looks just like they do in pictures. But unlike the pictures you get to have the person who focused the scope tell you what else it is you're seeing. We got to see two of Saturn's moons too.

Later on we also got to view the two star middle star of the handle of the Big Dipper. With the naked eye it appears to be just one star, but through a scope you see it's really two stars close together.

There was also a man there who had 3-D pictures of the Aurora Borealis, and a guy had a map of the world showing all the light pollution around the world. The US is really the worst for using too many lights.

Tomorrow we'll be heading over to MIL's house for DH to finish working on her yard and for Darly to make dinner! She really wanted to do I bought a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken for her to heat up. She'll also be making some Minute Rice, cook a green bean casserole that I've mixed up and also make some peas. Hummm when I cooked my first dinner I had to make meatloaf. LOL! I guess it's a good thing that no one here likes meatloaf.


  1. That's very cool you went to the observatory :) I used to do that as a kid and had so much fun!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Renee! :)

  3. Pre-cooked chicken and minute rice. Now that's my kinda cookin'.

    Hope you had a good mother's day.