Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Are they all this way?

I finally convinced DH to see a chiropractor. We were at our local fair and they had a chiropractor booth set up, so he walked in and set up an appointment. The first appointment they kinda talked to him, the second appt they did a "full assessment" of his situation and did an adjustment. The third appt they wanted me there too and did a FULL SCALE SALES PITCH!

I likened it to the sales pitch you get when a water softener sales guy comes to your house. They first tell you how bad your water is, then tell you how your water will kill you, then tell you how their water softener will solve all your problems, then tell you the price of the most expensive model. Oh that's too high?, well we have this one too which isn't as good but it will work, oh that's too high? well there's this one too which isn't nearly as good as the other two but... you get the picture.

The chiropractor's sales pitch started out with the owner telling us how the whole medical community is terrible and only treating symptoms and how that doesn't really get you well (DUH!) Then he tells you how this dr found out that if your nerves in your spine are pinched they can cause heart disease & cancer. Then he tells you how humans are doomed from birth because we are designed to birth squatting, but most US births are laying on the back and mess up the baby's spine. Then he tells how wonderful he is and how his practice will fix everything that ails you, but it will take time and committment. If you aren't committed, he won't even take you. Then he tells you how much it's gonna cost.
Then a different dr goes over DH's x-rays and admitts that DH isn't really all that bad. He could probably do with just the regular program for 4 months and then switch to the wellness plan or the maintence plan. Dh says he can't do 3 days a week. So dr says well could he do once a week or once every other week...DH says maybe, but after seeing the price decides no.

Then tonight (the sales pitch was last night) they call us back. I was cooking dinner, so I looked at the caller ID and decided to not answer it. After about 9 rings DH hollers for me to get the phone and I tell him who it is...does HE want to answer it? And he says "No I don't want to talk to them." The phone continued to ring, it might have been 12 or so rings in all. Pretty determined to reach us, huh? note: the underlined portion above... I thought they weren't going to take us if we weren't committed? Then why are they calling us back?

So my question to you and all who have tried chriopractors is are they all like this? It's not that we don't want to treat DH's back, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It's just we didn't like this particular set up.


  1. No, the guy Cheryl and I see isn't pushy like this. He's really into what he does (or he wouldn't be doing it) but he also treats you like you're a smart person who can make up your own mind about what you need and what works.

    I did see him 3 times a week in the beginning, but not for very long at all (not like a lot of folks I know who see their chiros 3 times a week for YEARS!) and I was a complete wreck when I went there. I'd been in a zillion car accidents and had tons of back issues not just from passing through the birth canal. Although I don't doubt that could cause some trauma after watching a few come out!

  2. Thanks Jen. I just hope that we can find someone for him (that he's going to trust after this fiasco) that is convienent (sp? not enough coffee yet) for him to see as frequently as he needs to. This office was just right down the road from our house, but anything between our house and work would be good.

  3. Dr. Hug is waaaaayyyyyyy over near Hampden and Wadsworth, so he's probably not the one. It was worth it for me to drive from my house because I really liked him and what he was doing for me, but you're even farther and trying to convince a skeptic...