Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Okay, I'm a sucker!

I got pulled into the RunAway Bride interview tonight. Did you see that?

"Now undergoing psychiatric treatment Jennifer Wilbanks is confronting the issues she says turned her into the "Runaway Bride". An avid marathon runner, she now admits she's been running from her problems most of her life."

At one point toward the end of the interview that we saw, Jennifer said that she had a choice of a bottle of pills or the bus ticket. She says that she chose to "not play God" that day.
I'm thinking that if she had taken the bottle of pills - there wouldn't have been a NATION WIDE MAN HUNT costing so much money. And her poor fiance wouldn't have been a suspect in her dissapearance. What a selfish........ (you can fill in that blank!)

Even Katie Couric felt that she wasn't getting the whole story and doesn't know if we ever will. Not that I really care about why she did it. I just hope that she uses all the $$ she's making off this to pay for all those people who were out there looking for her sorry ....

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