Wednesday, June 08, 2005

hello world...

Well, first I should say that since my monitor is dying on me and my screen is permanently pink (well permanent until it dies) I have no idea what color this text is. Please let me know if it's revolting... k?

Second, my good friend Jen talked me into this... so I can blame most of this on her... right? ;o)

I don't know when I'll actually have the time to do anything here, but keep checking who knows... anything is possible. right?


  1. It's not my fault!

    The text on this one is yellow, and I had to highlight it to read it. The other ones are better.

  2. Sorry folks... I won't play with the color until my 'puter can see straight again.

  3. I edited the color.

  4.'s 2007 & I am going back here to put a smiley face on your very first post.