Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tom & Katie revisited...

While surfing on BlogExplosion I came across this blog and had to LOL

Gay Man Seeks Young Girl For Fake Relationship
Tom & Katie’s registry.
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The more preposterous an event, the lower it registers on my radar.
Tom Cruise’s purchase of relationship with Katie “Most Irritating Smile Ever” Holmes is barely pinging the bottom of the scale, but this was too priceless to pass up.
· David Sedaris - Santaland Diaries

My many appologies to the author of this blog & post as I'm too computer illiterate to link to your blog.


  1. We don't get any of the Tom and Katie crap on the tv over here, but I've seen enough on the internet to be sick to death of the two of them!

  2. I don't watch much TV anymore...they took away my expanded cable that I wasn't paying for :(
    So I missed some of the really crazy stuff like Tom's apperance on Oprah & his spilling his brains about Brook's depression...but I do get to hear a lot about it second hand from my HSing buddies and then we gripe about it there.
    But I check out yahoo news a lot to see what's going on and it all made the front page. Blech!
    I give this marriage (if they actually make it to the altar if that's what scientologists use) about a year.

  3. I'm so completely sick of him. He needs to go away for a while...

  4. Thanks for the link--that was funny!

  5. Ok, I NEVER get into celebrity relationships...BUT...this time around, I have a conspiracy theory:

    Tom is sticking with Katie because she's the only (naive enough) girl to dive into the Scientology crap with him.

    Why do I think that? Well, he was with the first whats-her-face way before he was into it and they just pulled a hollywood and split...then he was with Nicole Kidman and got into it during their relationship, she wasn't excited, so THEY split.,..they he was with the other Cruz, but she didn't take, so they split...NOW he's with Katie (Naive) Holmes...she's curious about Scientology, so they're allowed to stay together.

    I should probably add that if you're in Scientology, you HAVE to cut ties with those in your friends/family circle who aren't. Anywho.

  6. Matt, you may have something there...
    But something tells me that Katie is just interested because of Tom.
    My brother was like that. He was dating a Jewish gal and almost converted. Then he was dating a Catholic gal and almost converted to that and then he met a Lutheran and married her. Now she's upset because he won't go with her to Church... hummmm... don't know how that happened.