Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bunnies bunnies everywhere!

Oh! I'm in heaven. This is my favorite time of year... when all the bunnies are out! =:3

Yesterday, DD & I watched the bunnies frolicking near her Gym. There had to be at least 10 of them running around all looking so cute. There were 4 babies.

Today I was going to the mailbox and noticed that one was "splatted out" (that's what we call it when a rabbit is laying down with his back legs straight out...it means they're very comfy) under a tree. As I passed him, he kept his eyes and ears on me, but wasn't bothered enough to pull in his back legs. After I passed, I looked back and saw that he had gotten up and was scratching in the dirt (to soften it up) and then (gosh, how to describe this to non-bunny watchers?) he flopped head first and twisted into the dirt...however the dirt was on a sloap and he flipped right over. Picture a dog rolling over. But that of course was not what he wanted, so he dug again and flopped again. It was so cute! =:3

And I'm not sure, but I think that I found a bunny hole in my rose garden. I hope the owner doesn't get too upset with me for filling it in. "Sorry bunny...even though I love that you're here, you can't have a hole in my rose garden. There's a really nice spot near the roses but not in the garden that you can have though."

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  1. It's okay to comment that these little buggers are tearing up your yard too. I know that not everyone is as fond of bunnies as I am.
    I bought a plant for my front garden that the bunnies are loving. That was pretty expensive "rabbit food"!