Friday, June 10, 2005

Look out Mommy!

Here they come again! Mom's place is pretty much in land, but she had a lot of tree limbs fall... her new house had lots of nice big oak trees. Last year her neighbor had a tree fall through the house. I don't know if they ever "rebuilt" (it was a trailor).

The funny thing was that my Brother & his family choose to visit FL, in Clearwater during the hurricane. They were miserable. But my SIL learned what a huricane is really like! It's funny what people who haven't been through one think happens. The reason that the "old timers" don't evacuate is because for the most part you don't really have to. Even if you're directly in the path the chances of it hitting you are very slim. But of course if you're coastal you should move.

Happy Huricane season! I'll pray for your safety.


  1. I'll keep her in my prayers!

  2. Thanks Jen, I'm sure she's lovin all the rain for her plants.
    I think that the rain we've been getting here has been worse. But prayers are good. Can't beat a prayer.