Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas wrap-up


So I should pick up at Christmas Eve...
The plan was to go to our Church in the morning, then got to MIL's for dinner/church & presents...

Here's what really happened...
We got up and went to Church at 10:30. Good service but it was supposed to be a Children's service and the surmon bored me so I can't imagine that the kids got anything out of it.
Went home and decided that since we were going back to Church we would keep our church clothes on...get loaded up and drive over to MIL's house. Well she's been on the phone all morning and dinner won't be done for a while.
Dh goes out in his good church suit to shovel her driveway and sidewalk! Both MIL & I were upset with that.
MIL let me help her make a snack to hold us over until the dinner would get done...and MIL says that she isn't all that interested in going back to Church because the service would be exactally the same as she had already been to that morning because of the storm they weren't able to prepare two different services... great, my Church managed. Oh well...
So we get the dinner done and have a nice dinner...well she put too much salt in the potatoes by accident, but it wasn't too bad.
We open the gifts...which I didn't bring anything from our tree for me to open because I was expecting there to be plenty under MIL's tree. She didn't get to go shopping due to the storm so all that was under there for me was a gift from SIL...get sent us a Gum Drop tree & gum drops. Anyone need a gum drop tree?
By the time we get done with the gifts DH & DD decide that they don't want to go to Church...so we didn't get a candle light service.
BIL called earlier that day to say he had a layover in our city and asked if we could come spend Christmas eve with him for a while. So after leaving MIL's we went to BIL's hotel. It was nice but the hotel hadn't shoveled their parking lot, so DH dropped us off at the door. We probably stayed with BIL for about 2 hours before heading home.
On the way home we see folks driving into our Church for the 11pm service. I was too tired at that point for Church...so we just went home.
DH & DD were both still wired, and I was ready to crash...so I was cranky.
We went to bed. I was out like a light.

Santa came at 5:30...I heard him!

Darly comes into our room to wake us up at 7:58am. This almost NEVER happens. She didn't get up this morning until almost 10am...which is closer to normal. So we get up. I remembered that I forgot to bring in my digital camera and it's in the car...so I go get it. It's frozen and refuses to work. So I grab our film camera and start snapping away. Dh hollers that I'm wasting film...hello? What am I going to take pictures of with film to use up the rest of this roll???

The gifts are opened. Some really good stuff, some really bad stuff for me. I'm trying to white elephant the bad stuff. I'll let you know if my local friends don't want it.

I start making dinner. It was very nice, a little over cooked though...tempermental food. Last time I made this, it was too rare...so I cooked it longer and this time it was over. Probably because it was smaller...need to keep notes on this stuff.

My cheesecake came out perfect! Perfect size and perfect everything. Darly came back asking for more...so I gave her the rest of my slice.

Lilly loves her new dog bed that I made for her.
Darly is very happy with all her Christmas loot.
DH is happy with almost everything...didn't understand why I bought him new slippers since he got a pair last year...but he doesn't want to return them.
And I'm mostly happy with what I got.

I had a talk with DH after the gift opening asking why he decided to get me Popcorn seasoning. He says it's because I like popcorn. I say plain popcorn. Next year my list is going to say NO FOOD!


  1. This is my first post here. I connected through another blog. Will workout for comments?

    Interesting christmas stroy.


  2. LOL! Wondering what a "gumdrop tree" is?

  3. Renee - Thanks for letting me know about Veronika.

  4. LOL Loved your story, Renee. I got a couple of head-scratching gifts, too.

    I guess if I get a gumdrop tree from you next year, I'll know you're a regifter :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about Veronika.

    Take care!


  6. this is definately a holiday for the kids. it's alot of work for everyone else.

  7. Renee - Christmas Eve was a very long day for you guys, then you get woken up early the next day.

    I didn't know cameras seize up in the cold. I'll have to be careful for that.

    Good luck off loading the duds you got for Christmas!