Saturday, December 30, 2006

Storm Update & tagged...

We woke up yesterday to about 5 inches of new snow. DH decided to have breakfast first so I went out to shovel so the dog could go outside. That was pretty easy was light powder snow.

Then I got started on the front. The snow on the north side of the house was kinda deep but the acutal front yard (east facing) wasn't all that bad. I took Lilly out with me for a bit. Here's her story...

Mommy let me come with her to go out in the snow. First she opened the garage door and the snow was so high that I hadded to wait for her to clear it away first. She got a little bit cleared and I just hopped through the rest acaus I really hadded to go potty! So I went over by the house and mommy was happy that I didn't go on the porch. Then I went and sniffed on the porch where I went the day afore and mommy saidded that I made that mess. Duh, I could tell acaus it smelled like me. Mommy shoveled the mess away. Then I hopped around in the snow and ated a bunch.

Then we wented to the front yard. Mommy was shoveling but I was checking out all the cool smells. Somfink smelled good in the snow but I couldn't find it. I kept pushing my head in the snow to get a better sniff and I couldn't see ovfer the big pile of snow. So mommy maded me come and she picked me up and tossed me in the big snow. It was a little bit sinky but I liked being up there. I did lots of smellin and eating snow.

Then the nice lady nexted door camed out and was playing with her very noisy toy (snow blower) and I was growling acaus I didn't like the sound of that thingy. I hopped down from the snow to go tell her to shut it off, but then I sawed some weird beans slidding down the street. I was growling at them lots acaus they weren't using their feets. Mommy tolded me that I hadded to stay and sit there. But I was still growling. Finally Mommy saidded I could go and I went after those weird beans but they were finally using their feets and going back up the street. I never did get to smelled them acaus Mommy said I hadded to COME again. Then she putted me in the house and Daddy went out wif her to do more shovelin. I don't know what else happened acaus I tooked a nap.

I'll take over from here Lilly. So DH came out and we shoveled a bunch and then our nice neighbor came with her snow blower and took care of the rest of our driveway. We just had to scrape off the ice that was under the snow. Dh didn't really want her to blow our snow off (he likes the exercise) so we decided after she went inside to go and shovel our neighbor across the street's sidewalk because it goes to the mailbox. We noticed then that the snow plows that had been out all the previous night had pushed snow and ice chunks into the path that we had dug out from the last snow. bummer

So at first we dug a path around the ice chunks and then cleared out around the mail box. But then we noticed that the ice chunks weren't all that bad and that maybe we could dig them out...and we got started on that. I dug to the short end and DH dug the longer end of the path and then when we got to the ice DH kept working on chopping them up or rolling them out of the way. The neighbor now has about 4 big ice chunks in his yard, but the path is all cleared.

While DH was working on the ice chunks, I decided to shovel the walk from that neighbor's yard to the next yard over. The plows had pushed some snow on her sidewalk too, so I didn't hold out much hope for getting all the way through, but I figured I would give it a shot. Dh finished up the ice chunks by the mailbox and came over to help from the other side. We both got right up to the ice chunks and made a path out to the street around them...then we decided to shovel out the neighbor's driveway. DH said we should tell her that the neighbors with the snowblower had done it. After we got that finished DH said he wanted to get our pick axe and get the ice chunks off the neighbor's side walk. I don't know if he did that or not because I went inside...he was still out there for a while. But he said he got the ice chunks off.

I spent the rest of the day doing laundry. I put in a roast for dinner even though we had leftover ham to warm up the house. But by dinner time my back was whining big time. After dinner I decided to try a muscle relaxer to help with my back. All it seemed to do was make me very sleepy...I'm still groggy today, but my back is okay if I don't try to stretch the muscles that are sore.

This morning there wasn't much snow out there at all. Dh shoveled it by himself and said there might have been an inch. He also shoveled the other neighbors's dives & walks. He said that the one neighbor that we weren't going to take any credit for doing asked him about who shoveled her driveway. He lied to her and told her that the other neighbors did it...but later he saw her talking to them, so he hid from her until she went inside. He's so silly.

I got tagged by Island Girl. She wants me to list 5 things about me that you don’t already know. Hmmm . . . I have to really think about this one.

I've hidden the tag behind the *****s so click there if you want to read it. Oh and I didn't tag anyone in return.

1. I was born at an Air Force base in LA (the state!) at 12:22am. The doctor didn't much appreciate that hour and wanted to just knock my mom out so he could pull me out quickly and go home. At the time knocking the mother out was customary and among the papers they give you to sign when you come in is a waiver giving them permission to do this. So the Doc thought he had the right to do this...but my mother said that NO, she hadn't signed the form. The Doc was so ticked off by this that he tried to give her the drug anyway and she knocked the needle out of his hand. He says "Okay b!t@#, we'll do this the hard way!" I was born fairly quickly after that w/o any drugs.

2. At one time in my life I thought that I wanted to be a Lawyer. I joined Law Explorers (part of the Boy Scouts) and learned all sorts of cool things about being a lawyer. The thing that sticks out most about that time is that we used to go to the police department's court room for our meetings and in the hall way they had pictures and wanted posters for some famous criminals that are long gone, Like Bonnie & Clyde.

3. following the Bonnie & Clyde a kid on my way to Girl Scout camp one year we stopped by the place where Bonnie & Clyde were gunned down near Sailes, Louisiana. There isn't much to see there anymore...just a sign.

4. many years later I went to Las Vegas to see DH (db at the time) and to meet his parents. DH had been there for a class and his parents drove out to see him. The plan was for us to spend a few days in Vegas and then drive to their home in CA. On the way to CA we stopped off at a hotel on the border of NV & CA...there they had the actual car that Bonnie & Clyde had died in. It's all shot up and you can see the yellowed stains from their blood. I think that it's pretty odd that I've been exposed to that much of their story...none of it on purpose.

5. I lived with my Aunt & Uncle for part of the year that I was in the 3rd grade. My mom tells the story that my Aunt was all whiney about not having a girl so she let her take me so she could see that girls weren't all that special. But many years later I found out that at one point my parents tried to talk my Uncle (other side of the family) into taking my oldest brother. They didn't do it because they didn't want to have him and then have my parents decide to take him back. And once my oldest brother did live with another Aunt & Uncle for about a year. I need to talk to my mom about this, but I promised my Uncle that I wouldn't tell my parents that he told me about it.

No tagging...enjoy!


  1. Looks like it was a pretty full day. Interesting facts about you!

  2. I am so not missing winter. I know, our time will come. but as long as it's not right now, I'm still happy!

    happy new year to you and yours!!

  3. You guys can keep all that snow! I'm hoping for a snow-less winter. :)

  4. How about sharing some of that snow? :)

    Happy New Year!

  5. No snow for us in Pittsburgh or in Houston. Sigh...

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Here's to you having the very best in 2007!

  6. Wow! I'm glad it's 55 here today...