Monday, December 18, 2006

Most annoying

I stole this one from Denise. This one was a little challenging since I have WAY more than 7 things that annoy me. I’m not tagging anyone, but feel free to steal it. Enjoy!

7 Things That Annoy Me

1. People who are RUDE. I don't care what kind of crappy day you're having, that's no reason to take it out on me. Misdirected anger leads to more stress anyway. Take it up with the person who got you mad in the first place. Now if you want to RANT about your anger to me...go right ahead. I've got very good ears for that.

2. My nextdoor neighbor's cars. They're actually extreemly nice people. But it annoys me to no end that they live in a house with a two car garage and they own 10 cars! I guess the most annoying part is that they continue to park at least one of their cars in front of my house all the time...yeah, that's the most annoying part! Not only does it trash up my house but it blocks the very front part of my yard from being viewed from the street...which means there is absolutely no point to putting up Christmas lights in my yard. So I just decorate the house. Oh and it gets even more annoying when they park one of the cars on the other side of the street from my driveway. it makes it tricky for getting into and out of my driveway.

3. My same nextdoor neighbor's dogs. They have 4 currently (I'll get back to that in a sec.) and 3 of them are full time outdoor dogs. The 4th dog, a Lab mix stays inside and barks at everything. So when the Lab is outside in the yard, he barks at anything else outside. Which means he barks at my dog. He also eats through the wood privacy fence and comes into my yard when he gets to barking at my dog. He has also taught the other 3 dogs to bark at everything outside the fence they bark at us and our dog as well...but at least they don't eat the fence.

4. Part 2 of annoying thing #3, our homeowner's covenants say that we are only allowed a combinded total of 3 animals. You may have noticed that neighbor has 4 dogs. He also has 1 cat and I don't know how many birds. The cat isn't a problem as it's indoors. But in the summer you can hear the birds through the windows. The one screams out my neighbor's name (must be copying the wife) all day long. The wife told me once that in their old house a neighbor called the cops because she though the birds were a domestic fight.

5. People who have trainded their kids to throw a fit (because they give in) and then choose to not give in when the fit happens in a public place. We were in Target the other day and there was a little girl screaming her head off throwing a fit. She was kicking her legs and throwing items off the shelves. Mom was walking around and shopping, acting like it wasn't her kid. This went on for a good 20 minutes before the kid was loaded up on a shopping cart (still crying) and moved to another location in the store. I later heard one of the employees talking to a customer about the screamer...he said that his dad would have beat him (which I don't agree with at all) but that he was totally mad because he had to go and pick up all the merchandise the kid was allowed to toss all over the place.
I agree with ignoring a fit...but you have to ALWAYS ignore a fit so that they NEVER work and the kid learns that this is not an effective way of getting something.

6. I'm not sure if it's lack of training or lack of caring on the employee's fault, but it really annoys me when I order fast food and the employee starts to gather the items I've ordered and one item isn't done all of my food sits there getting cold while we wait for the one item. (Yes, I have asked for a warm meal before and I get the sigh.) It's simple really...either wait for all the food to be done and keep the done food under the heat lamps or give me the done food and bring out the last item when it's done.

7. The paper person tossing our paper in the gutter. First, we don't subscribe to this paper. It is given to all residents free...although the do put a bill in it every year in hopes that someone will pay for it. Second, we don't read the it goes right in the recycling. but to toss it in the gutter where it gets all wet and then freezes is just wrong.

8. My mom sending my Christmas gifts wrapped in Christmas paper...and my birthday gifts not wrapped at all! *sigh* I'm glad that she sent me separate birthday gifts and I'm really thrilled with what she got me...two new foam pillows for my bed!, a quilted purse (don't know what to do with it) and the Woolite gentle garment washing bag set. But I'm not thrilled that they weren't wrapped. I told Darly that I'm going to start using my birthday gifts and then wait to open my Christmas gifts until my birthday. hee hee

see that's 8 and I haven't scratched the surface. LOL!


  1. My goodness, how old was that child? I can't imagine my daughter acting like that in public or at home!

    An Island Life

  2. Barking dogs annoy me too! In fact one barking dog annoys me 7 times more than anything else. So I guess that would about wrap it up for me :)

  3. I hate it when you order fast food and they NEVER NEVER EVER get the order right.

    I know that we have a big family, so I try to order clearly and in their computer order so that we have a better chance of getting when we ordered. But, no matter where I go near my house, it's never right when I go through the drive-thru.

    I take that back. About 5 weeks ago, I got a perfect meal at my neighborhood McD. All of the food was right, the drinks were the right sizes, and we even got straws and napkins! I considered calling them to tell the manager what a good job they'd done, then I realized they really hadn't gone the extra mile or anything...

  4. I certainly couldn't limit my annoyances to 7! Good for you. And you need to nicely discuss with your neighbor that you certainly don't mind them parking in front of your house in an emergency, but all the time is blocking your house.

  5. I hate when you go through the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and are never thanked for your business. Take the money. Give the food. No "thank you."

    I don't even require a "Have a nice day." Just thank me for choosing your establishment!

  6. Replying to your comment on my blog, yes you do know the extras. I have Mara's 5 youngest :) The oldest is getting crowns...

  7. Our neighbors' dog barks all the time when they are they don't believe it!! they hardly speak to us now because they think we are making this up...should tape the annoyance!

  8. Those neighbors of yours are something else, I'm annoyed just reading about it.

    I want to thank you for your phenomenal support in my exercise for comments campaign. I really appreciate it.