Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here we go again!...

Metro area could get a foot of snow by Friday morning. More expected in foothills.

It started again about 10:30am here...nice big fluffy flakes.

I had intended to get up early and run to the grocery store because I had put it off from yesterday...but I didn't get up early and so we headed to the store at about 11am. I tried to make a list, but since I had no clue what the store actually had...I didn't know what to put on the list.

My first clue that things weren't going to be easy came when I couldn't find a parking spot at the store in the row where I normally park. I circled the lot a few times and found a spot clear on the other side and we walked a long distance to get into the second shopping carts. But an employee was pushing in two carts behind me and gave me one.
I went to the bank and there was only one teller who was busy with some commercial we waited.

Then we began shopping. The produce department looked much better than it did last Friday. I grabbed a bag of salad (the last one of that particular mix) and thought that some potato soup sounded good...No potatoes. Scratch that one!

The meat department was very well stocked. I was able to find everything that I wanted there. The bread eisle was well stocked too and there was two racks of bread off to the side just waiting for us to use if we needed too. I also found my favorite rolls again...funny, I can't find these when it's not an emergency, but when it is they have them! Perhaps the lady who buys up all these rolls normally wasn't able to make it into the store. Yay for me!

We got everything on our list except for Milk. The milk case was empty. I overheard one lady say that the milk delivery was expected at 2pm...AND I heard another lady say that WalGreens carries milk and hardly anyone remembers I made a note to go there next.

Then we got into line for the check out. The line snaked through the store over to the Soda eisle, but it moved fairly quickly and the others in line were nice and chatty.

After we checked out (the credit card readers were going slow with all the extra work they were doing) we noticed a note that said due to the weather to please leave the buggies at the front of the store. Well, I had bought too much to do that...but I could bring the buggy back and I did.

Since we were parked on the other side of the lot and since I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible...I decided to take the back road that leads to the Rec center soccer fields. I knew this road wouldn't be plowed and we might have to turn around, but I was willing to risk it. And my plan paid off, I was able to get out of there very quickly. WalGreens did have milk (wrong brand and whole milk, not 2%...but who cares!)

We then headed to the Library to pick up a hold and check out some stuff to keep us busy. We actually had two holds and Darly picked up a book too. I found out that the Library was going to close at 3pm and not be open tomorrow. Glad that we got there in time.

When we got home I noticed that the trash had been picked up...because they left my can in the middle of my driveway! I had to get out of the car to move it so I could pull in. But since I didn't have a "running start" at the driveway, my car didn't want to turn. So I hit the 4x4 button and we got in no problems.

So I began to shovel while Darly put away the groceries. As I was shoveling, the snow kept falling and I could barely tell where I had shoveled. I cleared the drive 3 times before giving up and as I went to close the garage door, DH was trying to open the door so he could pull in. He couldn't tell where I shoveled.

At about 6pm we heard the city plows out...they were trying to clear out the snow from last week so that this week's snow had someplace to go. it's now after 10pm and I think they are finally done out there. They sure drove Lilly crazy.

I had better go to sleep...I've got a big day of shoveling tomorrow.


  1. Well, getting snowed in means more knitting, right? ;) I'm very happy to hear your knitting is going better for you. It's supposed to be fun and relaxing, not painful or stressful! I hope you'll post photos at some point as I'd love to see your project. Maybe Darly could learn to knit or crochet too.

  2. what's with this winter? you guys have stolen all of our snow! no complaints here! :)

  3. Wow! More snow! I'm glad you got lots of supplies though!

  4. Build a nice big snowman for me and LLB, k? My sis lives in Denver. She cut her vacation short and flew in yesterday. Her snowblower is still in a warehouse someplace....

    Hope you have a strong back and lots of cocoa...


  5. You sure were resourceful. You sure are working hard with all that shoveling.

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