Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Look out, cranky lady!


Stressed about Christmas package mailing and one item that still has not arrived (was supposed to be here yesterday! now probably won't be here until Friday.)

DH is out of town

We have no plans to keep busy this week (getting out of the house stuff)

And I've got someone griping to me about a form they want that they have NEVER said when it was due.
I'm guessing the PMS is pretty self explanatory. You know the usual, bloating, pain, etc...

I got most of my Christmas cards done and mailed already. I need to sit down and finish the cards to Darly's godparents and to my grandmother. I also need to mail out a few packages...but I would like to do it in one visit and there's the hold up of one item that isn't here yet. And if I send out the rest of the package w/o the item it leaves a huge empty space in my box... I think that I may just mail it anyway so that it gets there on time. Too bad I tossed out that card from the postoffice telling me the cut off dates.

DH is teaching a class in Vegas this week...Lucky him! He's staying at a very nice hotel and eating food that I didn't have to cook all week. Darly & I should be eating out this week so that when he comes back and wants a home cooked meal I won't feel all ready to eat out...that's the ticket!

We had no plans scheduled for this week. That is so totally odd. I mean usually we have a ton of stuff on the calendar with some days having as many as 3 activities planned. But this week...NADA! Okay, I have to admit that Monday I did go answer phones at Church...and today if it wasn't so cold and everyone else wasn't sick I could go to the park (but since so far no one else is coming, we won't do that) and Friday we do have Girl I should plan for that. And a friend DID invite us to go swimming tomorrow. But yesterday we went NO WHERE and I didn't even get dressed or showered...EWWWWEEEE! I know, TMI!

And finally there's the form. And hey if you're reading this, you might see why I'm ticked about it. First she sends out the form and says please MAIL this back to me ASAP...but she doesn't ever say "I need it by this date". Previously, we've been able to fill these forms out in person and just hand them in...but no. She wants them all MAILED in...and DON'T give them to her at the two times you'll see her in person because she won't be thinking about that topic and will loose them.

OKAY FINE. But like I mentioned before, she never said when she NEEDED the form, just ASAP and don't give them to her in person. So yesterday she sends this email that says I'm sorry for being cranky and send the form NOW OR DO THE JOB YOURSELF! WHOA! Where the heck did that come from?
So I write back that Yes, her email was cranky and the form was in the mail.
She writes back that being nice didn't work.
I write back again with a copy of the first email that she didn't say when she wanted the form back.
She writes back "gimme a break."

Okay, I'll concede that she did say ASAP. But when you say that during the holidays and nothing is supposed to be due on this for another 4 least you could put a due date. And I'll also concede that she picked the absolute WORST time in the world to get all cranky about this.

And here's the kicker... I'm letting this get to me. Why can't I just drop it? I guess I really really really want to fight about it. Ya know, if she had sent the email out next week...I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it...

NOPE! I would have, because the DO THE JOB YOURSELF crap was really uncalled for.

So I guess I should hurry up and run that package to the postoffice...hopefully before the rest of the world wakes up and figures out that they need to be at the PO too.


  1. Mailing packages will make anyone nuts!

    Go to a movie...get out of the house.

    I got my card yesterday! It's so cute! I love the pictures.

    I like your idea about eating out while DH is gone. Good thinking!

    PMS will magnify any problem. I try to avoid the world when I'm PMSing. PMS or not...her email was uncalled for and she deserved to be called on it.

  2. PMS makes everything even worse...
    I like specific dates, asap is too vague...
    Happy wednesday!!!

  3. I'm sorry. I hate it when I have crabby days. Not as much as the rest of my family hates it when I have crabby days, though, HA!

    Hope things improve soon...

  4. If it's any consolation, I'm having a very similar crabby day. The candles won't be here until Friday, so I'll be spending all of Friday night delivering them because I feel so bad they are late.

    Did I mention I'm TRYING to get packed for Florida??? And wrapping the rest of the christmas gifts so they are ready when DH and the girls get home. I don't want to cook tonight because I've been doing laundry ALL day and none of the kids wanted to nap today. Oh, and I'm supposed to ovulate in a couple days, so I'm doing those stupid pee tests that are such a pain.

    Shew! Good to know we're in the same boat. I hope things are looking up soon for you, even though I'm no help with the darn candles.

  5. Is she's not worth it don't let her get to you. She will learn to be specific with her requests, those are always the best requests, less room for error.

    Thanks for your comments over at my blog!

  6. "Calgon! Take me away!"

  7. If I don't have anywhere to go on the weekends, I sometimes stay in my pjs until the afternoon. It probably contributes to my laziness. LOL!