Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I need some help please...and I got tagged for a meme

first the help.

Can anyone tell me how to make my pictures smaller on the post below. Blogger was being cranky yesterday when I was creating the post, so I just cut & pasted the tag from Photobucket and it worked great...except the pixs are so big that my sidebar is at the bottom.

and now the meme. Since I know a lot of you aren't interested in memes, I've hidden it. Click the ****** if you really really want to read more about meme. i am: tired & busy…or is that busy & tired. I can never remember…or type today either!
i want: happily ever after!
i have: all I could ever need.
i wish: a better world for Darly
i hate: bills addressed to me
i miss: my old dog
i hear: the TV set
i wonder: what DH will give me for Christmas as my list is pretty tough.
i regret: nothing
i am not: a morning person.
i dance: whenever I hear a great song…even in the grocery store!
i sing: whenever I want to. I don’t care one bit that I’m not any good. Look out world!
i cry: when I watch sad movies
i am not always: a great homemaker.
i make with my hands: great food
i journal: I don’t journal.
i confuse: Darly’s name with the Lilly’s when I’m frustrated
i need: new video card for this computer or a new computer.
i should: clean the rabbit’s cage.
i start: too many projects.
i finish: not nearly enough of them.
i will tag: YOU! If you wanna be tagged. You don't have to. Let me know if you participate so I can come and visit!

Thanks to Denise for helping get my pictures to a normal size. She's an awesome blog designer if you need a new template.


  1. <...."photo url" width="400" >

    You can change the width to suit your needs.

    Condition of my help...don't tag me. LOL

  2. Use Flickr - it makes pictures so easy.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I used a colored font today so you so you won't get confused!

  3. Denise is awesome when it comes to help like that!

  4. under the upload in photobucket, they have a new thing where you can select the size of the photo you want to upload. :)

  5. Well there you go! I usually resize my pictures to 400 px wide but that gets tiresome after a while. Does save on bandwidth, though.

  6. I cry very easily, not only with sad movies.
    Glad you got your pics fixed!
    Thanks so much for telling me about Goofy Girl's headers, I look much prettier now :)

  7. Hi Renee - thanks for your comment support!

  8. So, if I'm ever in your town at the grocery store, and I see a woman dancing, can I assume it's you?

  9. You dance? I'd pay to see that :)

    I sing all the time, too. Especially in the car.

  10. I like learning more about people! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Technical is not really my speciality, HI I am back in blogland. I am slowly making it around my blogroll. Have updated with last months winner of the auditions and am begging for help.
    The begging will stop after Wednesday NZ time LOL
    Glad to be back :)

  12. Hi Renee! did you get a good family picture yet?

  13. Dropping by to say:

  14. I confuse names, too when I'm frustrated. It makes my kids laugh that I call Maggie "Blake"!