Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gee, thanks for ALL your support...

So I've started this...

thing and I have to say, I'm overwhelmed by your tremendous support... Too overwhelmed.

Bone asks:How do we know you're really doing it? Are we on the honor system? Well Bone... Have I ever lied to you before? :D hee hee... Yup! I'm pretty much on the honor system for how long I really exercise.

But let me say this...
Yesterday, before the official kick off, I stayed on for 8 minutes. YAY me!

And today I did:
10 minutes then took a break
5 minutes then took another break
6 minutes then DH came home so I took a break there
and finally 10 more minutes...then I took a much needed shower!

My breaks were 3 to 5 minutes long. So according to what I read a long time ago about exercising that was pretty good...kinda like keeping my heart rate up the entire time. right?

Oh well, whatever! I did 30 minutes today and will roll the extra 2 minutes below onto tomorrow.
Make that 4 minutes (thanks Barbara!)
To anyone who tries to give me grief... "how many minutes did you exercise today?" ;o)


  1. wow - you are doing great
    and what a friend barbara is, ehh?

  2. great job! i need to get something inside, especially with this blizzard. my running/rucking is really suffering

  3. Great job with the exercise! Look at you! I'm sorry I missed out on commenting to get you to exercise another minute yesterday. Maybe you can sneak one in for me tomorrow. ;)

  4. I have an elliptical and a treadmill, I switch off - every other day is the elliptical and the other the treadmill. I do 45-55 minutes on the elliptical and I love the way I feel afterwards and yes my butt is sore. But that's a good sore -right? ;) anyway, I just wanted you to know that when I first started out - 8 minutes was hard for me - then 20 was great for me, now that I'm at 45-55 - I now increase the level - I'm at 5 now. Yippee! I would be thrilled to try and keep up with you - match you.

    Good job! Way to go and good for you!

  5. I had mercy on you yesterday...with all the other comments you received.

    But today? ELIPTICIZE IT UP, LADY!

    (My agent says she HATES the eliptical and prefers the treadmill. I say she's just nuts.)

  6. Hi Rene...

    Wanted to let you know that I moved my blog. The spam filter on my old blog template sucked eggs. I had a melt down so to preserve my sanity, I created a blog on Blogger.

  7. How many minutes did I exercise today? Well, I walked to the food bowl three times, and to the water dish twice, and watched Catzee chase a string with mom. All that activity about did Me in too.

  8. Hey Renee - I hope you're not too tired.

  9. You know what! Nevermind.

  10. What a friend David is. Did you see he got a massage?