Friday, December 22, 2006

Still shoveling...

Here's a run-down of how my day went today... (okay, you're reading this tomorrow as it's almost midnight here now.)

DH too my car (since it has 4x4) to work this am...he made it fine, but doesn't think I should take his car out at all.
I got up to the whirr of snowblowers going.
I check outside to see my neighbors trying to dig their DIL's car out.
I bundle up, grab my shovel and head over.
We get the car dug out but it won't start.
The DIL had to go to a Dentist appt, so we then dig from the neighbor's driveway out to the path in the street made by the other cars that made it out.
Since I was mostly in the way and I figured that the neighbor across the street might want out too...and that having her way out would help get this car out too (directly across the street) I went and dug that neighbor out...soon I was joined by the first neighbor's husband...his wife is still working the snowblower on her drive.
Soon both drives are connected to the path.
The neighbor takes her DIL to the appointment.
I begin working on getting my driveway connected to the path...on my own as the neighbor & her DIL go to the appt and the husband is watching the grandchild.
I get my driveway dug out.
Second neighbor takes her dogs for a walk and sees her driveway is cleared.
both neighbors return and we try to get the DIL's car dug out and started. Once the car is completely dug out it starts! Wow! In the meantime crazy teenager down the street decides to take his tiny KIA out for a joy ride in the snow. He gets stuck right in the middle of the street and we have to push him back up the street.
Another neighbor was trying to get back into his driveway and came close to hitting cars parked along the street (see most annoying post below...hee hee hee!)
So I go back to digging out my looks pretty good.
Then we get asked to help dig a path to the mailbox. The neighbor's snowblower makes quick work of it...but then the snow plows come through and the path we made for the mail carrier is covered.

Sometime during all of the digging my neighbors & I find out that we both need to go to the same grocery store and they offer to take me since they have a 4x4. The store is very busy and the parking lot is full of packed snow...but suprisingly everyone is in a decent mood. Oh and the store is out of lots of stuff, but I managed to get everything on my list except for Orange Juice...which we can live without. Getting our carts out to the car was funny as they kept getting stuck in the snow.

We get home and get our groceries all unloaded.

I ache like crazy. I hope some heat and pain killer help.

I might get back on the Eliptical Trainer in a day or so.

OH yeah, my BIL calls tonight. After fixing MIL's dishwasher for the umteenth time, he thinks that all the kids should chip in for a new dishwasher and since DH lives in the same town as MIL he got volunteered to buy it and get it installed. So now with all the shopping that DH needs to catch up on from the storm we also have to get the dishwasher. He wants to just tell MIL that they'll pay for it when she picks one out. I'm inclined to think the same way. I love MIL, but BIL should have come up with this plan a month ago. We already have a gift for MIL and she'll get that too. I don't mind that either. It's the shopping for a dishwasher at the last minute thing.

I need to rest.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my little piece of the web. I wish I could send some of the warmer weather from New England to help you out. :( And I do agree with the dishwasher scenario -- should have been planned at least a month ago. (Shrug) At least you are having a white Christmas, my DH is going to be jealous!!

  2. Looks like you will have a white Christmas!

  3. What a day! Hope your muscles aren't too sore!y