Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All of that for nothing???

Tonight a city near us was having a free outdoor movie. This is where you bring your own chair and popcorn and go sit near a blow up movie screen and watch the movie. Kinda like the new version of a drive in movie. We've gone to these before an even in the rain had loads of fun.

So tonight's movie was "The Neverending Story." And frankly Darly & I had never heard of it. Well I vaguely remember there being some movie about this in the
80's. At first Darly wasn't interested in going (a friend of hers said she had seen it and gave her a completely WRONG description of the movie.) But I looked it up on line and found that yes it was going to be the same movie from the 80's and gave Darly a quick summary.

Now Darly was interested in going! Oh shoot! She tells me this at 7:20pm! So I rush to pop some popcorn and get my sweater ready. And after a quick trip back to the house to pick up Darly's glasses, we zoom over there.

We get there and get parked...and I call a friend who was supposed to be there. Her hubby tells me that she's not feeling well and won't be there. No worries! Darly & I pick a spot to set up and I get out one chair...

The head guy (I guess he might be someone important in that city, but I have no clue who he is!) master of ceremonies and such had just finished telling folks that the movie would be starting soon and then right as I set my one chair on the ground he says..."I'm sorry folks, but we've been asked to evacuate the parking lot. You can leave your chairs here, but you're going to have to go wait in your cars or in a store until this storm passes."

At first Darly didn't hear him or understand him. Then he repeated his message and by then I had the chair packed. Darly was pretty bummed out. What were we gonna do?

As we are heading to the car we tell another family that we have to wait.

We get to our car and I decide to just load everything in the back...Including Darly & me! I decide to just sit there with the back hatch up and wait out the storm.

And so we sat and watched the storm. It was very cool. We talked about the storm and hurricanes and tornadoes and lightening. We talked about a bunch of other "living maniquins" since there was a lady in the shop window moving stuff around who looked like a moving maniquin.

We were also treated to an "Idiot Show!" Some guy was walking though the parking lot with a queen sized inflatable mattress on his head. The wind caught the mattress and blew it out of his hands. He got it back and headed under the awning of the store...he waited for a bit and tried to go out again...again he was blown around like a feather. Darly & I were both wishing we had a video camera.

Then the storm subsided. By then Darly was ready to head home...but I wanted to just see if the movie would take place. We drove by and it seemed that not many had stuck around to see if the show would go on. It sure didn't look as if it would as the vendors were all gone. So we headed home.

I missed a season finale for this...but it was worth it!


  1. I wouldn't think that many people would stick around since the ground would end up being muddy. But glad to hear you made the most of it and had a great time anyway!


  2. 'Eh, you still got a really amazing live show... just of a different variety :)

    I sometimes love to sit and watch the lightning. I did that Monday night on the beach: a little slice of heaven :)

  3. Wow...what an adventure! My husband never understands why I sometimes long for exciting weather so maybe I should have him read your post! :~)

  4. yeah, but mommy says "reality reality" is better than "reality tv" which is fake. but then why would it be called "reality" if it's fake? ::SIGH:: people things confuse me. The mattress guy show sounded like that was fun to watch.

  5. You are such a good mommy, you turned the experience into a learning experience (tornadoes, hurricanes, lightening...oh my). I guess that now you will just have to rent the DVD.

  6. At 8:00 it was already raining here... so we went to Sonic instead and sat in the parking lot and watched the lightening show ;) LOL

  7. a different kind of watching experience! :) i love a thunderstorm, but not enough to sit outside in one! :)

    have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Ah...the idiot show. Always a learning experience! :)