Saturday, June 14, 2008

STRESS! As if I needed any more.

Yesterday I sat around waiting for the appliance repair guy. He was supposed to show up between noon & 3pm because I needed to leave to go pick up Darly by 4:45 at the latest!

At a few minutes to 3pm he calls me and says he's stuck on the call ahead of me. He won't be here by 3. He asks me then if I still want him to come or just wait until next week. Well I miss my microwave, so I tell him to try. I'm expecting that he's about done with the earlier appointment and about on his way.

I was wrong!

I call up DH to see if he can come home early to be with the repair guy so I can go pick up Darly. DH is swamped at work and doesn't think he can make it. He was waiting for a signature on some paperwork that had to be rushed through after the paperwork was signed...but no ETA on the signature. He would try.

At about 3:30 still no word or sign of repair guy, but DH calls and says that he got the signature and can be home early. I tell him to not bother cuz I'm gonna tell repair guy to wait until Monday. Dh is relieved.

At about 3:55 repair guy shows up! WHAT?!?!? I told repair guy that if he had called me first I would have told him to wait until Monday. He thinks he can get the job done in 45 min and wants to try. I decide to let him try.

So repair guy is working and gets the parts switched out fairly quickly. But when he tries working! He's befuddled cuz it should have worked. He decides to try a different part...perhaps this one part is bad. And YES that's the problem! Puts in the new, new part and everything is running fine! It's about 4:30 at this point.

Now he has to put my microwave back together. He didn't sort out the screws that he removed so he's having fun trying to figure out which screws go where. (NOTE TO REPAIR GUY: When you know you're in a hurry, put the screws in different piles and in order so you know where they go! ie. bottom left; left side, top, right side, bottom right. see how much sense that makes?)

Finally he gets all the screws in place and then starts to re-hang the microwave. Did you know the over the counter microwaves are HUNG? It's loads of fun! That's why I decided to pay for a new magnatron instead of a new microwave!!! While repair guy is hanging the microwave his cell phone starts ringing. He ignores it cuz his hands are full of a microwave! These things are not light! The caller gives up and tries again! Ignored again! Finally repair guy gets the microwave on the hook and the electric cord up through the cabinet hole. phone rings again! He answers "Couldn't this have waited another 10 minutes??? I'm trying to install a microwave here!" Turns out the call was from his son who had rearended someone in a company truck!!! oops! Repair guy says there isn't anything that he can do about it...especially from here. Tells his son to wait for the police and get the accident report. He is working while taking the call.

Finally the microwave is repaired and installed! It's 4:47! Now I have to pay. We finally get everything wrapped up at about 4:53. I jump in my car and head out BEFORE the repair guy (he is outside in his truck).

I decide to take the toll road because no one likes to pay the toll so it's never busy. That works great until I get to the end of the toll road. Then I'm stuck in a moving parking lot!!! It took me 20 minutes to get from the end of the toll road to the first exit off the road. I called up Heather. She hasn't left yet, but she's closer to the camp than I am. She offers to pick up Darly for me, but I'm stubborn and ask if she'll just wait with her. She says no problem.

After another 20 minutes I finally get to where the problem is. You won't believe why we were stuck so long. :eyeroll: The DOT had decided to "repair" something in the median. There were two vehicles and about 10 guys sitting on the railing doing as close to nothing as you can imagine! "HELLO??? It's Friday, Rush HOUR Traffic here and you're sitting there shooting the breeze???" GAH!!!

The rest of my trip was fine and uneventful, but I didn't arrive to camp until about 6:20...I had wanted to be there before 6. And OH YES! I was speeding when I could!!!

Darly was fine. I wasn't the last person to show up. While I was putting Darly's luggage in my car, I overheard a father asking if the councelors knew which unit his daughter was in. His daughter has a not so common name. So I holler out that there was a girl by that name in Darly's unit (remember the letter home that listed the girls in her cabin?) and as it turns out, this is the girl. I get loads of thanks!

On my way to actually get to my kid one of the councelors wants to be chatty. She tells me that Darly is quite the marksman when it comes to archery. I giggle and say she takes after me.

I get to my kid and all is well... except that I can't breathe cuz at that elevation there's less air and I was hiking very quickly. Heather asks "Ready to leave?" and I ask for a minute to catch my breath. LOL!

On the drive home I stop for gas near the camp...with my grocery store card it's $3.92. I put in only two gallons cuz I plan to stop at my grocery store's station where I should get 10 cents off... In town I pay $3.91 per gallon! DOH!!!

Camp report to come later... Darly is busy playing with DH now.


  1. I'M BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!

    Did Darly tag me fur a meme???? Her said so but I can't find anyfing about it.

  2. Wow, what an adventure :) I'm glad you got Darly back ok! :)

  3. Wow.

    Holy crap, that sounds like quite the day!

    When is Darly gonna guest blog? :)

  4. Oh, my,hope you have a nice and quiet Sunday, at least :)

  5. (laughing) I'm sorry, I had to read your gas part to my husband. It was just hilarious. We just spent the weekend in Salida where gas was $3.99 and at one station, $4.19! I think they're waiting on everyone to catch up. (?) ;) Thanks for making me smile

    Oh, please add me to your list of blogs:

  6. i loathe repairmen. their appointments are like "between noon and 6" or something completely random and inconvenient like that. our internet's been on the fritz and i've been putting off calling because they're always late. grr.

    stress, indeed.