Friday, June 06, 2008


nope! Not the TV show...I've never seen it actually.

Today is our Girl Scout meeting and previously we had tried to take the Maps, Compasses & Orienteering class at our REI store. But we didn't find out until we got there that the class was geared toward adults and not at all appropriate for the kiddos...we also learned that the class was to be held outside and it was COLD that day. Turns out there was too much metal in the store for us to use compasses inside.

So we decided that we should try to do this ourselves on another day. Luckily there is a kit that we can check out from our Girl Scout council office.

Wednesday I picked up the kit. Yesterday I looked at the kit to see how to plan the meeting and someone forgot to put the compasses back in it! oops! Last night I was running around trying to find compasses and wouldn't you know it both Wally World & Targée were completely out of compasses! I still wonder what was up with that!

This morning I called up the Girl Scout office and she was able to find the compasses. I can pick them up on the way to the meeting...WHEW!

I'll just have to scramble to be there on time. There is a game in the kit for the girls to use to learn how to use the compass. I have to set up some pegs in a pattern. Then the girls choose a tag with coordinates on it. From the starting point they walk X degrees and find the lettered peg. Then from that peg go X degrees. If they've done it right the letters will match the answer sheet.

Darly has supposed to have been getting ready for camp this week. She will go up to the camp on Sunday and be there until Friday. I told her Wednesday to start packing...instead she sat in her room and played! I told her yesterday to start packing...again with the playing! I needed for her to be packed...or mostly packed so I could pick up anything else that she needed last night. I got the eyeroll when I tried to explain this to her. I was able to pick up a few things last wasn't a necessity, but it will make her very happy...glitter fabric pens for her to get her camping buddies to sign her camp T-Shirt with...I'll have to remind her to share with her buddies. I still have to go out and get one more thing that I know of.

And since I won't have Darly next week, I'm gonna try to get my car fixed. As you might remember I had a bit of an accident back in December. here are the details... Part one & Part two. We've been driving around since then with the doors all wonky. They still work but the back door is gapped so it wouldn't be a good idea to take the car through the carwash. lol!
I've called the body shop and they say to bring it in anytime for the estimate. YAY! now we just have to hope that they can do the repair this week. fingers crossed!
DH called up his brother to see if we could borrow his car (that is sitting at MIL's house) while my car is in the shop. I guess he said that would be fine cuz Dh said to call up the body shop. I didn't think that BIL would have a problem with it...and MIL said I should just take it when we were there last Sunday. LOL! I think she had alterior motives though...seeing as it's at her house.

oh I guess my title doesn't go with the post much...huh?


  1. #1: I LOVE that you used the word wonky!!!! Love it!!!!!

    #2: I think I couldn't find my way around with compass.

  2. i'd have been of absolutely no help. i have the worst sense of direction!