Friday, June 06, 2008

All was not LOST

couldn't help it. LOL

well the compasses & maps Girl Scout meeting went kinda poorly. I tried to show the kids how to use their compasses. But they had a very hard time keeping the compass pointed in the right direction...of course it didn't help that every time we took a step it seemed that north moved!

In the end even I got the coordinates wrong...and supposedly I knew what I was doing.

One girl's compass had a whistle on it and I declaired that it was the best compass since if we used a compass we would all be instead we should just blow our whistle until someone comes to find us.

But they all had fun playing at the park while the moms helped plan our summer meetings.


  1. Compass work is not as easy as is you would think. We never watched our compass while moving. We put it down on a flat surface to read it. If you keep it in your hand, it doesn't work as well.
    We would figure out which direction and go so many steps. Read it again... repeat as needed. It worked best for us that way.

  2. Well, I know that I wouldn't have been able to get the compass to work, so I guess I would have been in good company ;)

  3. LOL Poor you and the kids ;)

  4. Oh compasses - I'm not very good at those things!