Friday, June 27, 2008

Answering my fan mail.

TC said...
Blondie #2 either had to go potty or his favorite toy was in his pants. I'll let you decide that one!


OMG... seriously Renee, you can't do that to me while I'm at work. I'm glad this is a little boy you're talking about and not a big one or I might have peed my pants laughing! :-D
I’m glad you enjoyed that. I know you got the entire picture of the event. I believe that the kids I had were all first graders (at least the Blondies were).

Lynn said...
No wonder you are exhausted! Nothing 'vacationey' about least not for the volunteers.

I loved how you described some of the kids...I've know a few "La La's" lol
I believe that the term Vacation in VBS means that the kids are on “vacation” from public school.

Heather said...
You are such a good SERVER! Go Renee... you rock! Now take a load off and rest!
I slept in to 8:30am this morning, and I felt like crud when I woke up. But I think the cruddy feeling had something to do with Blondie #3’s illness being passed on. I feel better now, but then I’ve had two cups of coffee too.

Carmen said...
you're such a good person, all that volunteering to help.

I always thought helping with music or crafts for VBS would be fun, but all the churches around me have it during the day, and I work, so no-go. We used to have it in the evenings, what happened to that? :)

Get some rest.
keep checking with your local Churches. In my area there are just as many that do VBS in the evenings as there are during the daytime. I think that you would be awesome as a station leader! I’m sure you’ll find one that can use your skills!

Joan said... seems to me that the term "vacation" is oxymoronic (or is that ironic) when it comes to all you did. What a good person you are to volunteer as you do.
Well, like I was saying to Lynn, I believe that it’s the Kids vacation from public school…not my vacation. ;)

Bone said...
You should write children's books.

I hate when I'm around kids then a day or two later the parent lets me know they've been really sick. Urgh.
Ha Ha about the children’s books. I'm not as bad as Rava! And I’m just totally mad at that mother for even bringing her kid back to VBS when she knew she was sick. What I can’t stand even more is the mothers that assume their kid isn’t contagious. I can’t tell you how many illnesses I’ve gotten from kids who were not contagious!

In other news: When we bought this house there were two trees in the back yard that were pretty nice but had thorns. Well soon after we moved in we noticed that these two trees kept making baby trees. There was one baby tree that we allowed to grow to about 4 foot before we realized that it was becoming more of an annoyance than anything helpful so we cut it down. Well now the smaller of the original trees has bit the dust…however, it’s legacy still lives on in abundance. It seems that the tree sent out tons of baby trees all over our backyard! Especially under our paver square patio! Little trees are coming up through all the cracks in the patio.
So last night DH & I spent a good part of our evening ripping up the paver brick patio and pulling up the roots of the old dead tree. I told DH that pulling up the roots reminded me of the sand worms in BEETLEJUICE…but I’m sure that there was another movie that had something like sand worms in it that I was really thinking of. The roots would go along close to the surface and then suddenly plunge deep into the earth! We would try to keep pulling them out, but many times we would give up and just cut them out. DH kept trying to slice through the roots with the shovel, and I had to roll my eyes at him cuz I had the bypass loppers right there. Anyway this evening DH is going to a friend’s house to watch the Rockie’s game so the roots will have to wait. But tomorrow…those roots are going bye-bye!!!


  1. You've always got lots of fanmail ;-)

    Kids crack me up ... it's usually their parents that annoy me. You know the saying "Some people's kids?" I always switch it to "Some kids' parents."

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  3. Do you have a pic of these trees? I'd like to make sure it is something we don't try and grow - we are thinking of putting quick growing trees around the office.