Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Day

Darly didn't want to go to gymnastics class today. She was ready to be done.

When Darly & I got to the gym one of the moms came up to me and asked if today was Darly's last day (right in front of her coach). I said that it wasn't that we still had some time left...and I thought that we did.

But I was wrong!

I went into the office after Darly went into her class and talked to the office manager about our account because today was the end of this session. See the gym offers a discount for paying early, so I paid for 6 months worth of lessons. Then the gym "promoted" Darly up to a more expensive class after 2 months at the old rate. So the middle two months should have been at the higher price...however the manager didn't change Darly's price and she got the last two months at the lower rate! YAY! So she told me that for the next two months I only owed about $50.

And I told her that Darly was ready to quit and didn't want to pay through the end of August...and since they don't do refunds that we would just continue until her money ran out if that was okay. Well it turns out that the gym DOES do refunds, they just won't refund a partial session. (a session is 2 months...well ACTUALLY it's 8 weeks.)

Say your child just started and then decided that they didn't want to do it anymore...well then you're outta luck for the rest of that session.

But since Darly hadn't started the new session, we can have the money back. YAY!

I wanted to tell Darly right away that this was her last day so she could tell her friends and say good bye and all...but I missed where she changes rooms.

Later in her class Darly was feeling really down on herself for not getting a skill right (she's such a perfectionist!) Her coach was trying to talk to her, but it wasn't working. So I asked if I could talk to her...and I told her it was her last class.

At that point the news wasn't what she wanted to hear. She really wanted more time to work on that skill (her back handspring). So I assured her that it wasn't for good, as soon as she was ready to try again we could try again (probably with a different gym!) And that made her feel much better.

She went back to class and was a happy camper.

Her coach came out after class and talked to me. Gave me some tips for how she can help get better at the back handspring. And we said "see ya later!"

Darly started to question me and I said "little white lie." she giggled and smiled.

She's having ice cream now and is glad to be done.

I'm happy to have my Tuesday & Thursday nights back! YAY!


  1. Awww, well, I'm glad it's working out for the two of you :)

  2. Yay!!! What will you fill the new time with? Anything? Maybe mother-daughter yoga? Great bonding!!

  3. I always feel awkward when I'm stopping lessons or ending an activity. I feel bad, that somehow they are taking my leaving personally. I love your little "white lie". I'm thinking that it took away some of the awkwardness. Yay for Tuesday and Thursday what will you and Darly do to fill-up that time?

    BTW, I am so glad to hear that Darly enjoyed her camp experience.

  4. I think she should take up Catnapping. It's a highly skilled activity you know.

    Darly's meme is making the rounds on the Cat Blogosphere. Fun!

  5. hurray for extra time! hope you're able to spend it relaxing! :)

  6. Technically, I think she was a happy camper a couple of weeks ago :)

    I somehow got stuck on the women's Olympic trials this weekend. Diving and gymnastics. I don't see how they do that balance beam. Well, any of it really. Though I did do a bit of an unintentional salchow to keep my balance the last time we went ice skating.

  7. I'm sure you'll find 5 more things to add to your to-do list on those days! LOL!

  8. Picture of Darly doing back handspring, please!

  9. You certainly deserve some time of your own and it sounds like Darly is perfectly fine with the added "downtime." Enjoy!

  10. really, ice cream makes everything okay, don't you think? :)

    I hope you get some relaxing time on those nights off.

  11. Ice cream helps everyone be happy! Nice work mom, you handled it well.