Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Letter from camp

I got a letter from Darly (who is at camp this week) today.

Here it is...

Dear Mother,
Today was not all that fun, this is day one.
Day two so far is AWESOME! I Love you veary much and I miss you. :( But no homesicknes in me! Just Iona 'cuz her mom and dad tuk her in. Poor Iona.
How is everything thear? Well I think I will live. ;) (wink) How are my Webbiekinz? If aney of them are sick bye the meds! Spend my money becuz you are in charge!
I am now on the verge of tears missing you. Will you send paper hugs? PLEASE?
Oh and the girls are...
she lists the names of the other girls in her cabin... Love, Darly

Well the Homeschooler in me is pretty proud that her letter doesn't have too many mis-spellings and that I can read it.

The mom in me is proud of her for only missing me a bit. (Yes, I sent her a letter with paper hugs!)
I'm also proud of her for showing empathy for her friend. I'm not so sure why her friend was missing her parents at bedtime on the first night since she spends the night over here all the time and doesn't seem to miss her folks. I don't tuck her in. But don't worry Heather, I'm sure that she is fine.

I'm just suprised at how quickly this week has gone by. I sure hope she gets my second letter. She should have gotten the first one by now. I won't send another letter because she comes home Friday and I don't know that she'll get it.

The appliance guy showed up around 2:30 or so. I didn't realize it, but DH had managed to get our ice maker fixed last night, so YAY! I didn't have to get that checked out. But when the guy checked out the microwave it seems that I need a new magnatron and that part costs as much as a new microwave (the over the stove kind...not a counter model!) But I told him to go ahead and get the part because while it seems as if it would be better to get a new microwave, I'm figuring it was a pain to put the last one in and who knows how long that magnatron will last!!! I'm gonna write to the company about this one cuz it's only 2 months out of it's warantee. Maybe they'll send me something.

So since it was only 3:15, I zipped over to the tire place to get my tires for the car cuz DH didn't want me driving up to Girl Scout camp with the tires that I have. The price was what we were expecting, but I wasn't expecting that it would take 2 Hours to get the tires put on! I think the guy spent the first 30 min checking my car for other things they could charge me for!!! All he found was that one of my license plate lights are out and that my air filter was "REALLY BAD" although the folks at Walmart said 3 weeks ago that it was fine. I declined the extras. And at about when the guy said my car would be done the mechanic had brought it up...but then realized that he hadn't done the alignment...that took another 30 minutes and then he forgot to clean the blue off of my tires...another 5 minutes!

by then I knew that DH would have already left for the ballgame tonight. So I went to the library on my way home.


  1. Today was not all that fun, this is day one.

    That's hilarious! lol

    What a sweet letter. OK, that's all for me. I gotta try and load a Pez dispenser before bed.

  2. What a sweet letter!

    Anya is doing an overnight with the Young Women, getting ready for their camp at the end of the month. I don't think they're used to dealing with kids like Anya, they keep reminding me to send her in comfortable clothes that aren't too dressy (yeah, that'll be a problem!) and reassuring her that they'll be sleeping in sleeping bags but it will be OK (cause she's never done that before! She's hardcore, she'll even dig a hole and poop in it if that's required...)

    Enjoy your week!

  3. Awww, I love kids :)

  4. how cute! i never went to camp and it always sounded like so much fun!

  5. How cute! I'm glad she's having fun at camp. Camp is the best!

  6. By the way, I went to the library this week. HA!

  7. After that first line, I was expecting the whole thing to rhyme. ;)

    You'll surely be glad that she comes home today.