Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh I'm so tired!!!

I feel like a zombie right now. I've been trying to type this with my eyes closed cuz the bright lights of the screen hurt. Oh crap, I sure hope that doesn't mean a migrane is coming on! Maybe I'm just really really tired. I would really like to take a nap right now, but I'm still a bit wired.

See this week was VBS at my Church. And of course I volunteered to help out as a crew leader. I've tried other jobs and crew leader is my favorite cuz you get to play all day (well 9 to 12) and other than keeping your ducks in a row it's fine.

This year was Darly's first year as a crew leader helper. She's not quite old enough for a crew of her own yet, unless she wanted to take on a crew of pre-schoolers. She didn't, so no Pre-K yet. Since I had extra help this year, I was given a "tough crew." And it wasn't too bad, except for one girl who I'm not sure if she's high functioning autistic or what. Sometimes K is just off in her own little world. Then there were what Darly & I labled "the blondies." Three blonde kids who have known each other since Pre-K and think VBS is just a 3 hour playdate. I suppose that's better than kids who don't get along.

Every morning I got up with DH so I could shower and have some me time before it was time to face the crowd. So that meant getting up at six each morning...torture to a homeschooler...most of us don't get up until 9am if we can help it!

Then once we got there we wait for the kids to arrive. One child's mother thinks that she can just drop him off and take his sister to the Pre-K class and then come and sign him least I think that was her plan...I didn't let her get away with it. The rules state that in order for the kid to be with me, I need a signature! So I made him go get her. HA HA HA! I'm a mean crew leader!

La La's mom(cuz she's in La La land) was upset cuz her child got the same job two days in a row...well she was always last and got the last job. It wasn't a bad job and her kid liked it. So since her mom brought it up, I made sure today that she got to pick a different job...she wanted to do the same job again! LOL!

One of the blondies has a really hard time letting others have their turn to speak...especially if that someone isn't within arm's reach. I had to keep telling her that it was "the Pastor's turn to talk" or "Miss Julie's turn to talk."

Blondie #2 either had to go potty or his favorite toy was in his pants. I'll let you decide that one!

and Blondie #3 tells me yesterday that she's leaving early (this is at snack time that she's finally telling me) cuz she's going to the doctor for a possible ear infection!!! She wasn't at VBS today and I have a sore throat! GRRRR!!!

But other than that it was a lot of fun! I think I might have lost a few pounds...but probably not. LOL!

After VBS was over today I wanted to stick around and help clean up. The only person I could fine who looked like he needed help was the janitor. Turns out he needed a LOT of help!!!

First I vacuumed the sancutary!
Then we moved the furniture off the floor and vacuumed some more... all so that the carpets could be cleaned. Darly wouldn't let me stay any more for that...but seeing as he had only 2 carpet cleaners, I think we did our part.

I also vacuumed the Adult Ed class, much to Darly's chagrin! hee hee


  1. Blondie #2 either had to go potty or his favorite toy was in his pants. I'll let you decide that one!


    OMG... seriously Renee, you can't do that to me while I'm at work. I'm glad this is a little boy you're talking about and not a big one or I might have peed my pants laughing! :-D

  2. No wonder you are exhausted! Nothing 'vacationey' about least not for the volunteers.

    I loved how you described some of the kids...I've know a few "La La's" lol

  3. You are such a good SERVER! Go Renee... you rock! Now take a load off and rest!

  4. you're such a good person, all that volunteering to help.

    I always thought helping with music or crafts for VBS would be fun, but all the churches around me have it during the day, and I work, so no-go. We used to have it in the evenings, what happened to that? :)

    Get some rest.

  5. seems to me that the term "vacation" is oxymoronic (or is that ironic) when it comes to all you did. What a good person you are to volunteer as you do.

  6. You should write children's books.

    I hate when I'm around kids then a day or two later the parent lets me know they've been really sick. Urgh.

  7. Sounds like fun! Hope you're not sick, though. But you could blame the sick on overwork/exhaustion from all the cleanup work you did. Tires me out just reading it!

  8. If I'm ever charge of recruiting volunteers for anything, you're the first person I'm calling! LOL!