Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Camping Report

Today I will be interviewing Darly to let you know about her camping experience.

Mom: It’s very nice to have you here today Darly. I’m so glad you agreed to speak to us. My readers have been very excited to hear about your time at camp.
Darly: Hi ya

Mom: So did you like camp?
Darly: You bet!

Mom: What was your favorite part?
Darly : Learning French because of the girl from France (one of the campers in her unit was from France. Darly has been wanting to learn French.)

Mom: Did you do anything different this year from last year?
Darly: Um we slept in cabins with bunk beds? (last year she slept in a platform tent on cots.)

Mom: Did you learn anything new?
Darly: French

Mom: Did you make any new friends?
Darly: yes…LOADS!

Mom: Who were your counselors?
Darly: Starlight, T-bone, and Hyla ( pronounced EEla)

Mom: Who were some of the other people you met?
Darly: Chipp from archery, Disco another counselor, Smoggey ANOTHER counselor, Rat Rod a PA,
And Zillons more!

Mom: Any favorites? Why?
Darly: Chipp. She liked me for some reason. (I met Chipp on my way to the dining hall to pick up Darly. When she found out that I was Darly's mom, she was chatting my ear off and I was like trying to get to my kid!!!)

Mom: What was your favorite game?
Darly: Sausages (this is a very silly game where everyone in the group takes turns asking the person who is "IT" silly questions to get them to smile. The "IT" person has to answer each question "Sausages" without smiling or laughing.)

Mom: Here’s a good question…did you try any new foods that you think Mom should start making?
Darly: Um I tried loads, but you don’t need to make them (NUTS! I was hoping for something else I could make for dinner!)

Mom: Any other things you would like to share about camp?
Darly: not really

Mom: How did you feel about your Mom being late to come and get you from camp?
Darly: sad…I missed you!

Mom: Do you want to go back to camp next year?
Darly: yup but not with Iona ‘cuz she wants to request that we hike like mad!!! (my kid isn't a fan of hiking...especially the kind of hiking you do in the woods. LOL!)

Mom: Do you want to go back to camp next week? ;)
Darly: NO!

Mom: Can I go to camp?
Darly: Maybe as a counselor?


  1. Bunk beds are definitely better than cots! That would be so cool if she learns to speak French!


  2. One of her counselors was a Seinfeld fan? I think he should have been called Koko instead.

  3. Um I tried loads, but you don’t need to make them


    T-Bone?!?! What about Gammy?

  4. Awww very cute, sounds like she had a blast! :D

  5. tres bien! i loved taking french in college! :) sweet post!

  6. Darly, we is glad you liked camp. they hadded T-Bones there? sounds like a swanky camp. :-)