Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kid is at camp!

Darly went off to camp on Sunday with her buddy, Heather's kid. We were hoping that she would get a cabin AND SHE DID! which means SHE GETS TO SLEEP IN A BUNK BED! Which thrilled her to no end. LOL! Course she gets to sleep in a bunk bed at Heather's house all the time. The weather reports said we were supposed to have rain on Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday. I don't know if it rained up there Sunday...but it was nice and dry when I left there. And this year they didn't have to "throw me out". LOL! But since Darly had rain every night at camp last year, she's ready for it. I also bought her THIS to help keep her warm & dry.

But unlike Heather, I'm sleeping without my child just fine. I suppose it's because this is her second year and I know what a great time she had last year and will have this year too. I'm enjoying my "time off". LOL

Yesterday I went to get an estimate for getting my car fixed and then went grocery shopping. To get just the damage that I did back in December was around $200. To fix the entire car and paint it was going to be about $1400. Seeing as the car is only worth about $2000 (yeah I drive a 1994 Ford Explorer) we figured that it wasn't worth it to do the entire repair. And since the Microwave decided to be broke too, we went with the cheap fix on the car.

So today I took it in and they had the repair done in less than 30 minutes! It looks great and the biggest thing is that the door doesn't squeek anymore!!! YAY! The squeeking was annoying.

After the repair I went to the mall to return a purse that I ordered online. I'm still searching for my perfect purse. While there I got a manicure cuz my cuticles were a mess! They feel all nice and smooth now!

The appliance guy will be out tomorrow to fix my microwave & ice maker! Ooh I need to clean out the microwave and behind the frig before he gets here tomorrow.

I also need to get my donation of old stuff ready too, cuz they're coming tomorrow. Don't worry Jen, I'm just giving them my old clothes. I figured that you didn't want clothes for your sale...right. Which reminds me... My buddy Jen is going to do the MS Challenge Walk and could use your help. Please check out her page.


  1. Enjoy your week.
    Darly will have a blast at camp - even if it rains.

    I'm sorry that your stuff is costing you cash! Don't cha hate that?!

    I'm off to get my chores done!

  2. Ooooh, enjoy your freedom from being a mom for a few days! :)

    Is this kinda like camp for Mom?

  3. I never got to go to camp as a kid. I was deprived. :)

    I hope she has a great time, AND that you find a purse while she's gone.

  4. Lucky Darly...even with the potential rain, I know she'll have a super time at camp!

    And with Darly gone, it still sounds like your days are filled to the brim. Have fun searching for that perfect purse...can't wait to see if you're successful!

  5. you're a brave lady for going to the mall--in the summer--when school's out. i loathe the mall. too many people!

  6. Glad Darly is having a great time, enjoy the time for yourself too! hope you find the purse you want...!!

  7. I hope Darly is having a wonderful time :) And I bet the freedom is a nice change of pace!