Tuesday, June 03, 2008

hummm No ideas here

well that's not entirely true. I have ideas, I just don't know that you want to hear them.

my new microwave died. :( just outside of the 1 year warrantee too. :-/ DH normally fixes these kinds of things around the house and is very good at it too, but everything I have read about microwave repair says that it's very dangerous and best left to the professionals. I think I would rather have my DH around than a fixed microwave. So back to cooking the old fashion way. Good thing I have experience in this. lol

Darly had her physical to go to Girl Scout camp a few weeks ago and the urine test that they did showed that she had a high level of protein in her urine. That typically means that your body is buring muscle when you have this high level...or that you're not eating enough. The week that we had the test done we had been especially physically active...gone hiking and ice skating on Monday, Gymnastics on Tuesday, played at the park all day Wednesday and had the test on Thursday. The PA that saw us suggested that we retest on a less busy week. I laughed.
So we retested yesterday morning...hopefully with a restful weekend this test should be fine. But I haven't heard back yet...so either they haven't tested yet, lost the sample or she's fine. We'll see if we hear back.

Yesterday was really busy for us too. After dropping off the urine sample we stopped by Walgreens to pick up our Webkinz Cares stuffie on our way to a Yoga for kids class. Darly already knew all the poses but enjoyed doing them anyway. and then we went to a class on Protozoa...the kids got to look at "pond scum" under the microscope to see if it had anything living in it. that was cool, but my microscope isn't worth anything. lol Then Darly had ice skating. We got really dull skates again which makes me want to buy her her own pair even more. I zipped off an email to the rink about us always getting dull skates.
The excuse we got from the skate rental was that some kids had pulled the fire alarm while they were in the middle of sharpening the skates and they had lost track of which ones got sharpened. Um that was about 4 weeks ago... and all you have to do is look at them to know which are sharp. They should know how to tell. anyway


  1. Yoga for kids...that's cool. I've never done Yoga.

  2. Of course we want to hear 'em!!!

    Hope things are OK for Darly!

  3. ice skating scares me. i'm more of a roller-skate kind of girl! :) hope things are okay with darly!

  4. Yoga for kids sounds fun - especially if the kids are doing it and I'm sitting on the sidelines watching and giggling!!

    If the next set of rental skates is dull, keep returning them until you get a sharp pair.

    Have a great day.

  5. You know, it's possible her sample got mixed up with another in the lab. You'd be shocked what goes on in those places sometimes, what with all the Bunsen burners and such :)

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  7. My microwave is about 20 years old and it's used every day...
    I have done yoga (great that they have it for kids!) but I can't roller skate!
    Have a wonderful day :)

  8. I never did like science but enjoyed using the microscope. It's amazing what the naked eye can't see.