Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Anniversary update

Well...there isn't really much to tell you.

Dh arrived home from work shortly after 3pm and we all got ready to head for Steak & Ale. We got caught in some traffic, which is entirely normal for that time of day... I wonder why no one seems to work normal hours in this city. The only time that the roads are clear are from like 8:30am to 10ish and from 1:30pm to 2ish. Every other time you get stuck.

Anyway, after driving an hour we reach Steak & Ale and are seated immediately. We got sat in the bar and on the TV they had the local PBS station on with cartoons... Darly enjoyed it even without the volume as she had already seen these shows and could tell us what was happening.
We ended up with a rather loud and pushy waiter who talked Darly into trying her first Shirley Temple (she loved it!) and he talked us into having the kitchen split our order for us (usually DH & I share a dinner and cut it ourselves). Which turned out nice too...and we don't know why, but they gave us two full potatoes...we were expecting just one. I guess they're cheap enough.

During our meal the waiter tells us that he is being sent to the office supply store to pick up some copy paper. He says that someone else will be taking care of us...but then he procedes to bring our check, see if we need to go boxes and finish up our order... DH & I were wondering "when is this guy ever going to leave?"

So we had our nice dinner and drove home. Traffic was much better on the way home but along the same part of the road we got stuck again. This time it was a truck that had broken down. But the time we got up to it, the tow truck had it all loaded and was just about to take off. The drive home only took about 30 min total.

We got home and changed out of our nice "going out to dinner" clothes. And then we exchanged our gifts. Darly made me a coaster out of those beads you melt with the iron. She gave DH a new level that we got at Target. And DH gave me a frame. When he was in central America he had gotten me this painting on a feather and for our anniversary present, he had it framed for me. I gave him two dress shirts and he had lots of fun figuring out which of his ties would go with them.

And that's all folks. Seriously. I'm not kidding.

Oh I forgot to mention that DH got me a card that is supposed to be one you would send to someone else having an anniversary...not for your wife. I'm not sure what his deal is...he just doesn't seem to have it in him to pick out a decent card. I mentioned last time that he might try looking in the section that says WIFE, but when he does that he comes home with the cards that have cartoons on them and say I do all this bad stuff, but I sure love you. Hummm... we must fix this card buying problem.


  1. Men and cards do not mix. No matter how much you hope they will learn. In fact, if, after 14 years of marriage, he still hasn't learned? He's untrainable.

    I hope he at least put out! *WINK*

  2. We never do much on our anniversary because we are in the middle of our ski vacation (jan 2nd) which is our mutual Xmas, New Year's, and wedding gift, lol), we go out to dinner and that's it. Sounds like you had a nice quiet anniversary, those are the best!!

  3. Oh, I mean anniversary gift, duh!

  4. We take our kids for our anniversary dinner, too! And I love Steak and Ale (there isn't one here, but when I lived in Dallas we frequently found ourselves there). We tend to treat our anniversary like a family birthday. We go on dates other times.

  5. Sounds like a nice night!

    Cards and guys are kind of difficult I think... who knows what goes through their head to chose them!!

  6. men have a chromasome that means they can not pick out a card. It doesn't help that Hallmark has gone downhill with the cards, but that just makes it harder for the men.

    I think the framing of the gift was a nice thought, though.

  7. Sounds like a nice time, really. To have a little family to spend a mostly quiety evening with.

    Oh, and this sums up my thoughts on greeting cards.

    At least he didn't get you the one that's glued shut and has some stupid message printed on the back :-)

  8. For some reason... traffic in my neighborhood is really bad from 3:00 - 3:30... everywhere else it is bad from 6pm to 8pm!

    As for cards... me guessing human men think like this: Need card, see card, get card, good!

  9. Our mommy says that our daddy has given her the same purrfday card for lots of years now - it says "happy 29th birthday- again". They has not buyed annifurrsary cards for each ofur for years. But, this year is their 20th annifursary, maybe they will. but doubtful.

    Oh and Renee, BTW, if you hold me long enough and rubs my belly, i will poot in your face too. Mommy loves me for it! Right Mommy? You keep saying I'm so cute when I do it. Fank you for visiting our blog! - Miles

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  11. Sorry about the last comment - my paws aren't werking right. Mommy corrected me - the card says "happy annual 29th birthday" - she finks it's hysterical. Daddy says that when they're both 70 he's going to look great for his age, but mommy will look terrible for being only 29. - Miles

  12. Happy (late) Anniversary! It sounds like you guys had a nice, relaxing evening.

  13. Anonymous12:39 PM

    my husband always picks great cards, i don't have the patience for it, maybe hubby didn't bother to actually read the card, just found the section. he still gets credit for an attempt, some hubby's don't even bother. and happy anniversary!!!

  14. Mu hubby is a firm believer that the bigger the card the better, especially if it has a poem several pages long, tons of embossing and flowers all over it.
    I think your evening sounded lovely.
    May you have many many more.
    Take care,

  15. i came here to find your TT but i found this instead, which was nice because i was curious on what would come from your anniversary (non)plans. hehe

    i thought it was hilarious about the card thing. haha... ask him to just write a letter next time, maybe it will work out better? hehehe

  16. Men...just don't "get" cards. I'm glad you had a nice night! I don't think we've celebrated an anniversary WITHOUT the kids since the first was born :)

    Oh, I love the wedding pic!

  17. I agree with Kukka. My husband once bought me a birthday card for our anniversary. He thought it would be funny.

    Then one birthday he bought me a card that says "If life gives you lemons . . . tuck em' inside your bra. Couldn't hurt." I wanted to kill him!

  18. I would ask him to stop getting cards, that way they can't disappoint you.

    I'm glad it was nice otherwise.