Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jonesing for the good stuff

Over at If You Read Only One Blog This Year my good buddy Bone was talking about Bachelor eating and questionable food. It seems that Bone had wanted to have fish sticks, mac & cheese and green beans for his meal. But since he didn't have enough clean pots, he had to settle for a sandwich and a coke. Poor guy.

But that got me hungry for the fish meal. And while fish sticks would be a staple item in most homes with children, it isn't in the fefyfomanna household as I'm the only one around here who likes fish (other than canned tuna). So I found this wonderful flash frozen Flounder Fillets and I keep them on hand for lunch for just me. But I have to improvise when it comes to preparing them because let's face it, who has 4-6 hours to wait around for the fish to thaw in the frig... If I were thinking about it, I would have to wake up at like 6am to put the fish in the frig to thaw...blech! Not gonna happen here.

So I take the fish and thaw it under warm running water in my sink (the package specifically says that I should have been using cool water...oh well). It thaws in less than 10 minutes...SCORE!

Then the package recommends that I make the fish using Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs...but while they used to be a staple in the fefyfomanna household, no more as Darly has declaired them as totally unedible! So some more improvising... Let's try Roasted Vegetable Ritz crackers with Italian seasoning...smells yummy!

So here's the recipe:

Flounder Fillet - thawed
5 Roasted Vegetable Ritz crackers - pounded with rolling pin
handfull of shreaded parmesan cheese
dash of Italian seasoning
spray of butterflavored cooking spray oil

mix the cracker crumbs with the cheese & seasoning. Coat the fish in the mixture and place on a foil lined cookiesheet that has been sprayed with the oil. Give the top of the fish a good spray and place in a 425 oven for 10-12 minutes, turning once.

Now that the fish is cooking, let's tackle the green beans & "mac & cheese." I grabbed a handful of green beans from my garden, chopped them up and popped them in the microwave with a little water & a dash of salt for 3 minutes. As for the mac & cheese, well I'm not a huge fan and I didn't really want to cook up a whole box for just me...and I had some tasty safron rice in the frig from last night...so I nuked that for a minute to reheat it.

Done and Yummy! I'm eating it while I post here. Dont'cha wish we had smell-o-vision?

Note that recipe was for one... for those of you with more, you'll want to do that for each person's serving. Enjoy!


  1. Hey, I like it. Sounds easy. And probably healthier than fish sticks :)

    Just gotta make sure to keep both my pots clean.

    I never knew you could microwave beans. How did I never know that?

    Inspiring posts across the blogosphere since 2003,

  2. That sounds great! I'm not a huge fish fan, but I do like flounder, and the coating sounds delicious. Thank you for the tasty recipe, and thanks so much for visiting today!

  3. I found a recipe for foil packing this in on the grill. I use plain crumbs and dry Hidden Valley Italian mix, or just EVOO, lemon slices and salt n pepper. I'm a yellow death lover though. Mac n Cheese forever. I make my own, so I can make just a serving or two. I use bow tie pasta, the Redneck Velveeta, and a dash of real cream ( I don't do it often, but I do it right)

  4. Goodness, this sounds so easy that even my culinary-challenged human pet may be able to accomplish it! And now that you have brought up the fish sticks and the flounder, I feel the sudden need to headbutt my human pet to go to H.E.B. to pick some up!

    I'm here from Wendy's! :)

  5. Your recipe sounds wonderful! Miss Wings sent me your way but I see I can kill two birds with your stone: congrats on winning Denise's caption contest. See, I can't just leave for a couple of days, I have to catch up now! :)

  6. That sounds really good!

    Wendy directed me here :D

  7. First I have to say, I cant stand fish sticks. How ever your recipe sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. Wonderful Wendy Sent me!

  8. Hey there from Nova Scotia. Got here via Miss Wendy's blog.

  9. Hey Renee - I've been seeing your new pic in other peoples comments and I didn't know it was you. I've got a new cool hobby, birding, all the cool kids are doing it.

    My anniversary is in 25 days! Tome flies.

  10. Where do I know you from?????
    Seriously, I'm here from Wendy's, but I saw your pic, and wham! I was like, I know her, from somewhere???

    Okay, I was born and raised in Ithaca NY, lived in Akron Ohio, Newport News,VA, and Syracuse NY. I've been to Vancouver Island, Toronto, Florida.

    Somewhere we met.

    Oh yeah, now I live in Knoxville TN.

  11. Woohoo, a recipe and everything over here! I finally got in from Wendy's site, Blogger didn't like me for a bit, I guess ;).

  12. I, like warm fuzzies, am not a fish fan, but that sounds pretty tasty! My kids and husband love the stuff, I'll have to try it out! Wendy directed me over :)

  13. Yum, I love fish... might have to hang on to that one for when the niece leaves... she won't go near ANY seafood!!

    Thanks for stopping by Crayons!

  14. That sound great and easy! Receipes have to be easy for me to try them. I am not the cook! Thanks for sharing!


  15. That actually makes me want some fish!! But, I'll probably end up with a sandwhich and a coke!

    Wendy sent me your way!

  16. I'm from the gulf coast of MS. You are right, there is still so much to be done! Which makes it hard to think that the worst of hurricane season is yet to come!

    We were lucky that two church groups can to help us clean up afterwards! They don't know how much we appreciated their help!

  17. I was directed here by Wendy!

    I have to tell you how funny yesterday evening was. You had mentioned fish sticks, mac and cheese, and green beans, and would you believe the human pet ran out to Wal-mart to buy those things for dinner last night? She said she had a craving after hearing about your story!

  18. I'm BACK from Wendy's!! I need some lunch, not really a fish person tho, I'll leave that for the cats ;).

  19. I laughed when you referenced Bone's blog. That sounds pretty good.

    We like Tilapia around here. Now that's a good fish!


  20. I'm going to have to check out more of your recipes. Because my mom/agent doesn't cook (and even if she did, I'd only get kibble), I'm looking for some good and simple delights!

    Wendy sent me and I'm grateful!

  21. That Bone is dang inspirational sometimes :)