Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thursday 13: things growing in my garden part #1

Thirteen Things Growing in Renée's garden

Well since blogger is being a pain (not letting me post all my pictures in one post)... I'll do this in parts.

Here is my garden! Isn't it pretty? (you don't have to comment on that) I grow the garden, just for me. My DH & DD don't eat the veggies in this garden...they are anti-vegetarians! I love veggies and have a great time growing and figuring out new ways to eat them. This year I planted a mix of squash and I don't quite know what all I got in there. I'll need your help if you've seen these before, let me know. far just two red ones...yummy!

straightneck (front) & crookneck squash in the back.

Note: since it posts the new post on top, I'm working backwards.
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  1. Wish I could grow veggies too but unfortunately I don't have that space. I don't even have a garden.
    Thanks for passing by.

  2. Wow! Your garden is looking awesome! Wish I had a garden. :) Enjoy the fruits of your effort.

  3. Nice garden! I love all your different kinds of squash :) I love my gardens too... I've enjoyed them so much that I'm going to have dh double the size of my "pasture" garden next year.

  4. Love the garden!

  5. Mmm, I wish we would water so we could have the same results! lol My T13 - Ice Breakers Edition - is up at Bloggin' Outloud. Thanks! lgp

  6. Very nice garden! I use the square foot garden method (mostly) for my small garden and I'm amazed at how much it produces. I also have anti-vegetarians so it's all up to me to use it.

  7. Your veggies look wonderful! I can't do veggies - I have a black thumb and the deer eat everything!