Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday 13: Double Whammy!

Thirteen Things about 13 calls I need to make

Okay, this was my original idea for a TT this week. But then I saw Denise's challenge and I did that cuz it was more upbeat. But now after visiting a bunch of blogs...I really wanna do this list. So here it goes...

13 calls I need to make

I HATE making phone calls. I don't know when the phone became such a dreadded machine. Don't get me wrong, I love to talk to people and I'll chat on the phone forever...but having to make calls (especially for appointments) can't stans it!

1…. My Mother. I need to call her because it's been forever. But I don't like to call for two reasons...she screans her calls and is never home. So I leave a lot of messages talking to her dogs. I also don't like to call her cuz she will kill 90 minutes complaining about her life but not take any suggestions on how to make it better...she just likes to hear herself complain. The sad part is she can't remember what's she's complained about and I'll hear the same story each time I call. sigh

2…. My husband's cousin. We found out from MIL that he has cancer and no insurance. And it's a very sad situation. But how do you start that call... "hey we heard your bad news..." DH did try to call once but they weren't home. We're hoping to do the pass off thing.

3…. I need to call and cancel an account at a bank. It's not my account, but I take care of it and we don't need it. But its the whole calling thing.

4…. I need to call and bugg some folks to send in the money they owe...that's always fun, huh?

5…. I need to call about our hotel for our vacation. I would much rather do this on the computer, but everyone says you get a better deal on the phone and I've found 3 different rates for this place and we want to get the best deal. UPDATE: I called the hotel this morning and was told that I needed to call their national booking because they're having a big storm right now and their systems are down. Wonder if it's the huricane? I haven't been paying attention to where that is. So instead of calling, I just booked the cheapest one that's taken care of! Yay!

6…. I need to call about the tickets for our vacation to the places we wanna go to. There's this one ticket that sounds like it's the best...but it's very vague about what's all included. For the Jamestown & Yorktown it says everything that we wanna do, but for Williamsburg, it just says tour Williamsburg. It doesn't mention what buildings you get with that. GRRR! I'll mention that they should say that in their ad. UPDATE: I think the same storm is causing problems with these folks too. Will try online later

7…. I should call and confirm our airline reservation.

8…. and the car rental...especially since they didn't email me. Update: I'm gonna check my confirmation code online...hee hee

9…. I need to call up the Observatory to make sure they got my reservation for a tour in November...I did it online and didn't get confirmation.

10…. I need to call the zoo and see what's up with our reservation for a night program that they haven't updated me on...that was $30!

11…. I need to call up the Olympic training center and give them a final total of folks who will be going to that tour.

12…. I need to call up Michael's crafts and set up a field trip for November there with a Christmas craft for the kids. That will be fun. She said we could also tour some of the other businesses in that

13…. wow! Is that it already? Oh, I should probably call my brother too.

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  1. This is a pretty interesting list :)

    Happy Thursday and I hope you succeed in making all those phone calls!

  2. Oh wow...I don't like making calls. Maybe now that you have a list you can just blow right through them!

    My TT is up. Happy Thursday!

  3. I dread making obiligatory calls too. I rarely make lists, but if phoning is something I need to do, I have to make a list and start.

    My TT is up.

  4. That's weird because I've grown to not like the phone either. I can't explain it, but it's true.

    I cringe anytime the phone rings, too. Normally, it's just someone wanting money and that irritates the heck out of me.

    I always put off calls until the very last minute.

  5. Anonymous4:38 AM

    I have been reading in the tub for years! It was the only place to hide from other siblings and then my own children. Its not hard once you get the hang of it. Also was a girl scout leader for many years.

  6. There is a phone call I need to make, too. I don't know why I don't want to ...

    Happy TT!

  7. I hate having to do a list of phone calls, but when they pile up it forces me!! I hope they get done as painlessly as possible!

  8. Wow, girlfriend, I was overwhelmed just reading the list. You so need to go on bout Williamsburg? Hope your calls are successful.

  9. I hate making phone calls to, but being a SAHM I get all the excitement too.

    Both list are great! I hope you enjoy your trip and thanks for stopping by!

  10. Great list. I wouldn't want to call either...

  11. Ugh, I have a phone phobia. I'd be happy if I never had to use one again in my whole life.

    You're in luck...Denise's challenge is for next week, Sept 7th, so you can still do it then if you want.

    I'm down the road from you a bit--in Aurora. I have a dog and 5 bunnies!

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  12. 14. Call Bone at home when you know he's at work. Leave a message saying, "Oh, I must have missed you. Guess I should have tried you at the office."

  13. I hate making phone calls like that! The ones I hate the most are the ones the reservation type ones and complaints!

  14. I admit that I too hate making phone calls--especially asking for money.

  15. Happy TT! Mine is up as well.

  16. I hate making phone calls too! I have 2 very important insurance company phone calls to make, and I just keep putting it off, B/C I know I'll be on the phone all day!
    Maybe making a list would help! :P
    Have a great Thursday!

  17. I hate making phone calls too. I would MUCH rather just email people. Good luck getting through all those calls!

  18. I don't like using the phone either because I have to move my head between the receiver and the headset, and to be honest, that just gets tiring after awhile. I completely understand where you're coming from here!

  19. I hate making those kind of phone calls. I also hate to try calling someone who never answers the phone! Aggravating, to say the least.

    My TT is up.

  20. Wow, yeh, I don't like the phone that much. It's okay.

    I was going to say you ould do the other TT next week but it looks like you did it below this one. I'm doing it next week! I started it yesterday, I find it's easier to gradually compile the list rather than trying to think of 13 on the day. Although I've only done it once that way!

  21. I am sooooo with you! I hate calling people! Happy TT!

  22. stopping by, reading and leaving a comment for both of your thursday thirteens this week. thanks for stopping by mine too.

  23. I had already visited your other TT on Thursday, but I like this one too---I am the same way with phone calls, and sometimes emails too. Even when it is not a bad call I tend to put it off for unknown reasons. Happy weekend!

  24. Anonymous9:23 AM

    I hate talking on the phone!