Friday, August 11, 2006


Okay, those of you who know me, know that I got a cell phone "kicking and screaming!" I didn't really want one, but got convinced that the pros outweighed the cons of having one.

So I've got this blasted thing and on my command, NO ONE that knows me calls me unless it's an emergency...which is the way I want it.

But I keep getting calls...

and I expect the calls from my cell phone company trying to get me to waste my units to sell me more features for my phone. I get that...everyone is out to make a buck. I don't answer them and I delete their messages.

The calls that are really ticking me off are the ones from Mortgage companies. I don't answer these calls. They leave a really long message on my voice mail. AND here's the Kicker... The say that I contacted them... "ummm... I DON'T THINK SO!" "Why on earth would I:
a) contact a mortgage company to refinance my home when intrest rates are going up???
b) give out my cell phone number when I have a perfectly good land line number?"

I have both my land line and my cell numbers on the Do Not Call list...but I think the "you contacted us" part of the message is there way of getting around that. (btw: I don't pick up my messages from my cell. I use my land line and that doesn't cost me anything.)

I need to find a way to report them... but I'm sure that since it's a different company each time that nothing will be done.

Sorry for the rant... back to your regularly scheduled programming.

A friend of mine says I need to freeze my credit reports...but these people have no idea who I am. They haven't done any credit check...they are just "cold calling" numbers and leaving messages...hoping that someone somewhere out there wants to refinance.
I don't answer, I won't answer unless your number pops up as one stored in my cell.


  1. For me, it's gotten to the point that I don't even answer the call unless I recognize the number. It's so annoying!

  2. In The House, the human pet doesn't answer the home phone any more. She doesn't have her cell phone listed so if someone calls her on that, she knows she can safely pick up. Strange thing, these telemarketers.

    I smell another safari hunt in the making...

  3. I got rid of my cell phone months ago. It used to NEVER ring except when someone had something important to the school or a doctor's office. Suddenly I was getting 8 or 9 calls a day...all telemarketing. I had my phone number on the "Do Not Call" list, too and they still called. I got tired of the ringing and figured turning the ringer off just defeats the purpose of having a cell I cancelled it. I changed my land line number, too. Now ONLY my "husband" and my kids' school has it. Needless to say, the phone never rings anymore and I love it! ;)

    RYC: I found out that it was in fact a TEACHER that handed out that flyer. I'm going to confront her Monday morning and go from there. I'm not out to get her in trouble...I'm hoping she just wasn't aware of the law in this matter and that it won't happen again.

  4. Hmm, that's weird. Once in a while I will get a call from a telemarketing recording on my cell phone, but it's once in a blue moon.

    I wonder if you had someone else's cell phone number (maybe they got rid of their phone and the cell phone company is recycling that number) and the companies are calling your number thinking they are still calling that person.

    Either way, that IS annoying. You may want to turn your cell phone off and only have it on during emergencies. That would definitely cut down on those annoying calls.

  5. I rarely get calls like that on my cell phone.

    However, since I moved here a year ago, my home phone has been inundated with calls everyday from the same four or five numbers.

    I registered it on the do not call list when I moved, but it doesn't seem to matter.

    Thank goodness for call ID. Still it's annoying.

  6. My cell phone is for my convience. I rarely have it on except for traveling.

  7. I think these people are vultures! In one way they completely tick me another way, I feel sorry for the people for whom hunting customers is their pathetic job.

    I can't imagine they feel great about cold-calling people. It's not enough to be frustrated with the people who call--we need to go higher and hunt the puppet-masters!

  8. KWYM!

    Its aggravating that cell phone numbers are not safe. Saw a report on our local news that says cell phone companies are still giving out people cell phone numbers and you can't tell them to stop.

    I've gotten several weird calls on mine in the last months..and this is since changing it..again. ggrrrr

  9. Anonymous7:42 PM

    i don't have a cell, i hate talking to someone on one. i seem to be getting by just fine without one.

  10. Renee - I've had a cell phone for several years and have never experienced telemarketers calling me. I would ask for a new number, it sounds like whoever had it previously to you gave that number out to everyone. The phone companies recycle numbers pretty quickly nowadays.

  11. Wow! Sounds really annoying. I've had a cell phone for a year now and haven't recieved a single telemarketing call yet (have recieved several wrong numbers though). But... just got a landline and I get several calls a day from telemarketers. Really annoying!

  12. sounds like you got a number that had been someone else's spam number before. I suggest switching numbers and complaining to the cell company. That stinks!