Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Tent - Set up requires 2 Adults?

We went tent shopping...

First I went to Big Lots - not for tents though. I wanted to see if they had any propane cook stoves left and what screen rooms they had left. All they had were the screen rooms that look like my old one, only different color...same price too...probably same problems. hee hee I passed.

Second we went to WalMart. They were sold out of most of their stuff. The propane cook stoves that were listed online for $30...long gone, of course! And they didn't have the tent that I was looking at either. The nice salesperson (quite unusual at WalMart!) there told me that the bigger & better tents aren't kept in stores like Parker. You either order them or go to Texas. After I explained my situation and what I was looking for, he suggested that I try Gander Mountain...so we did

At Gander Mountain...they are having a HUGE summer clearance sale! And they have most all of their tents set up on display so you can go in and see what you're looking at. nice! We chose the Wenzel - Sundance tent on sale for $99.99. I think that this tent must be discontinued as I can't find a picture online for you... This one looks kinda like it, but ours has a screened room on the front like this one. The first one gives you the layout of the tent though.

It says it's a 5 man, but I think you could easily get more folks in there...so it's a comfortable 5 man...not a super friendly 5 man.
We also picked up a propane cook stove for $25!

I'm a happy gal. While the "screen room" on the tent is pretty small, it does gives us space to get out of the tent without getting water dumped on our head.

~~~~~ Tuesday ~~~~~~~~~~
I decided to set up my new tent today. So I pulled it out of the box and located the instructions. I get about half-way threw and notice that they think it takes two ADULTS to put up the tent!

Most of my camping trips do not have two adults...just me and Darly. So I look over what is required and the biggest thing is that an adult needs to support the tent from the inside while the polls are connected.

Well, I figured that Darly needs to learn sometime soon how to set up a tent...now's a good of time as any!

So over breakfast, I explain the situation and what she will be required to do. She thinks she's up for the task.

We go out and begin setting up the tent and she's doing just great. Then comes the supporting the tent part. My job is to hold up the tent from the inside, her's is to attach the polls to the metal pegs. She managed to get 4 out of 5 polls attached...the last one needed the most convincing. So I had her come inside and push against the side opposite the missing poll and I put the last poll in. Yay!

There were still a few more polls to put up, but all she had to do was hold them until I got the other side done. We had the entire tent up in about 20 minutes...and that was reading the directions. Next times should go much faster.

Lilly came out and inspected our new tent. This dog is so smart! She first went around to the front of the tent to try to enter it there. (there are 3 doors!) Then she went to the side door and waited until we said it was okay to go in. She seemed to enjoy all the extra space as we will too.


  1. I love camping! And sleeping in tents. I have seen some though that do require the assistance of 10 people, and they are still impossible to put together. Looks like you got a beautiful tent that is easy to put togther. Kudos for you! Have a great week!

  2. My kids want a tent so badly! Have fun with it!!

  3. It took like 7 of us to put up our cabin tents at girl's camp. We really should have had practice the night before. What a good mom. Look at you, all camp diva and a bag of chips!

  4. I wish we could go camping this year!

    I've put our huge tent up by myself (and taken it down by myself) many times. I'm just too impatient to wait for my hubby to be ready.

  5. I don't have much experience with tents, so I'll comment about what I know.

    Ugh! Big Lots! Every time my agent (mother/owner/human/slave) goes in there, she hopes she will find that quality nugget at a close-out price. Instead, she usually comes home with a piece of junk that somehow looked good in the store.

    Like last year's patio umbrella. "A market umbrella for $25!" She exclaimed. The first one was broken out of the box. She exchanged it for one with a warped stem.

    Ugh! Big Lots. (Having said that, she will continue to go there at least once per 6 mos...she'll never learn)