Thursday, August 24, 2006

Anybody got a fishing net I can borrow?

I'm in deep pooh!

Today at a field trip, we were standing out on the boardwalk over the water. Darly tried to hand me her FAVORITE sunglasses just as I was moving my hand backward. My hand hit the glasses and knocked them into the lake. I think the water is only about 3 feet deep there.

I told Darly that we would drive directly to the mall and buy her a new pair at the Disney store...guess what... NO GLASSES The lady there said try Wal-Mart... NO GLASSES
So I try online and no one carries the Purple Disney Princess Jasmine glasses. I did find purple Tinkerbell glasses though...

So my only hope is to fish her pair from the fishes.

So if anyone has a fishing net that I can borrow, I would sure appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. Renee: Try ebay. You can find anything there.

  2. Here's the link on the auction. They aren't purple, they're black, but the only one available. You can "Buy it now"

  3. Wow. Stinks! There is nothing worse than a little girl without her favorite shades!

  4. Hmm...maybe she would like the purple Tinkerbell ones just as much as the old pair? I'm sure she'd understand if you told her you couldn't fetch them out of the lake.

  5. Maybe you could put a little Jasmine sticker on the purple tink glasses?

    The Pink Diary

  6. Disney glasses! I've entered a world I never knew existed. And that e-bay thing. OMG! gotta go now - wonder if there is a pair of Lassie glasses somewhere . . .


  7. jump on in there after 'em! Or try dorothy's ebay route. :)