Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm torn...what should I do?

This is still the sunglasses issue.

I could...

A: Just buy the Tinkerbell sunglasses Cost $12

B: Borrow my friend's fishing net, drive 35 minutes across town, try to find the glasses in the unknown depth lake & the unknown floating away from the dock factor and/or wade into the water to search for the glasses (although there are signs posted to keep out of the water) and possibly not find the glasses at all. And there's the getting wet factor if I have to go in after them. Cost about $12- 15 in gas (figuring $3 per gallon and roughly 15 mpg round trip) and driving home wet.

C: Try plan B and if that doesn't work do plan A. Cost: at least $24

I know this all sounds pretty cut and dry...just go for plan A. But you have to take in the little girl factor too. She has said that she would prefer plan C. ARGH!

off to talk to DH & Darly about this...

I hope that you're having a great weekend.

UPDATE: It's raining cats & dogs here today. So I talked Darly into buying the Tinkerbell sunglasses with the promise that if next year we come across the Jasmine glasses we could get them too. They'll probably be cheaper anyway and she'll need a new pair too by then.


  1. I'm catching up on reading your blog. I think I would have jumped in right then and there to get those glasses!! LOL!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Stay out of the water and go with Tink. It's getting too chilly for wading. :)

  3. I think Tink was a good choice. I'll keep my eye out for the Jasmines!

  4. Even if you did go back, those glasses have probably floated away by now. Think Tink!

    The Pink Diary

  5. Anonymous4:37 AM

    i would have tried to get them right there and then and if you couldn't, it's a good way to teach your daughter that accident's do happen and sometimes things can't be replaced. i can understand you never want to see your kids get hurt, but it's the reality of life, it's not always perfect.
    hope she liked the new ones.

  6. Wow... raining cats & dogs! Sounds like a party ;). As for the glasses issue... hmm... try plan D... Ice cream trip :)

  7. Anonymous1:41 PM

    i agree with your comment on my blog, she should learn to be responsible for her own things and if she's not and an accident happens, she shouldn't expect you to run around trying to fix it. as a mom, you never want to do anything to see your kids hurt or upset, but they have to learn. some days it's hard being a mom.

  8. That's weird. I just lost my sunglasses last weekend.

    But I'm not going for the Tinkerbell ones as a replacement. Sorry.

    Actually I think I may have some prescription goggles that I'll just wear until I find mine.

  9. Yeah, I would have gone for the Tink ones, too. This would have been a "get over it" lesson for my kids, a pretty gentle way to learn that life really isn't fair.

  10. Ohhh man. Well, at least now the both of you have a good story! Giggle.

    This summer we went to the lake with the in-laws (husband's parents). Father-in-law placed Mother-in-law's phone in his swimming trunks and yes, went swimming for over an hour with the phone in his pocket.

    Believe it or not, the phone works.

    Sorry I missed the Open House here...I promise I'll be a better reader cuz I do enjoy reading your blog.

    It's funny...I was just getting ready to post an entry when you wrote your comment. Don't get too excited, it's not too much of an entry. ;)