Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Thursday Thirteen - I'm too busy to send a card!

Thirteen Things about why Renée is so busy today

1. I knew I had so much to do today, so I woke up early. This disturbed DH.
2. DONE Laundry - DH informed me that he only had enough t-shirts to last him until Sunday. I informed DH that I would be doing the laundry today to get ready for our camping trip.
3. DONE Clean house - well straighten up a bit - I had Darly do it.
4. DONE locate camping checklist and print it out - hold on...okay, I've got the list and copied it over to a word doc...I should just save it to my 'puter. I'll edit out the stuff we don't need for this trip and print it later.
5. pack for camping trip...which is why I needed the check list. ha! - partly done
6. shop for all the stuff I forgot to buy for the trip. I should get DH something special to eat while we are gone and he's fending for himself. Of course, he'll just eat out each night and leave his special meal to go bad. LOL Partly done. Darly informs me that DH plans to pick up a pizza on his way home from work that takes care of him and then I'll get the oopses after dinner tonight
7. I wanted to get all my LLL treasury stuff I started off by balancing two checkbooks. I've been really bad lately and let them slide for 2 months. And guess what? They both balanced just fine...I'm sooooooooo good!
8. Checkbook #3, the bain of my existance. See, I don't actually have this checkbook. I should say checkbooks as two different people have checks for this account and neither is very good at actually writing down what checks they have written. I spent a good 3 hours entering all the transactions from the bank statements into my quickbooks software. A few checks were recorded back to me from the sources as different amounts than the bank or the copy of the check showed...great! One rather large wire transfer was not noted at all. I wonder how in the world anyone expected to be giving final income figures with all this missinformation? and I feel so sorry for their personal accounts. DONE
9. Printed off a copy of all my hard work on the account. DONE
10. Printed off a copy of the profit & loss report for 2005-2006. DONE Printed off a copy of the profit & loss report for 2006 year to date DONE
11. For those of you who came earlier, no you aren't crazy...I moved the previous #11 to #10 and added this one. I wrote and entered the checks that were sitting in my to do file. Note to person in #8..."see how that works?" But I forgot that the person who normally cosigns the checks on this account is on vacation. So I called and go ahold of our back up person who will sign the checks for me...yay! Darly ran them to the mailbox.DONE
12. Will have to get a copy of last year's budget and enter the actuals (from the profit & loss report) on it. I decided that I don't have to get this all finished in one day and I don't need it until the 19th. SO I'll do it when I get back. I've got lots of time next week.
13. Will have to adjust this years budget and enter this year's acutals from the profit & loss report to present at a meeting on August 19th...and here's the kicker... NO ONE WILL EVER READ THIS REPORT! They don't understand it and they don't read it. putting off til next week
14. oh boy extra! I have to send in a financial report for last year 05-06 to my support person along with a budget for 2006 based on all this work. This was all Due in APRIL! but hey, I only just got the reports that I needed to do all of this a few weeks ago and I didn't want to do it before my Vegas I put it off. I suppose I could have entered all the stuff that took me 3 hours this morning as I received the bank statements...but to tell you the truth, I was getting rather angry at the lousy accounting job that I mentioned I just ignored it. At least it kept me from making her look like a fool at our previous meetings. No one cared that I didn't have the numbers yet and they didn't ask why. putting off as long as I can get away with it. ;o)

Sorry, I've got a lot more gritching to do. And I'm so busy. Taking a well deserved break!

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  1. i'm singing the veggie tales busy song as i read this.
    take some me time too, girlfriend!
    thanks for visiting my tt.

  2. whew! you need to take a breather now!

  3. Wow! You sure have been busy! There is no way I could stare at all of those numbers. I would go blind I think!

    Happy Thursday! :)

  4. When more than one checkbook balances fine in a day you gotta call that a great day!
    Just discovered you on the TT list.
    Look forward to visiting again,

  5. So much and so little time!

  6. hehehe thanks for visiting ^^
    i don't usually make to-do lists.. they scare me off =(

    haha i loved your story btw... i used the sentence "drop dead fred" for ages hehehehe

  7. I'm impressed with anyone who can balance even one checkbook. I've never done it!

    Thanks for visiting my TT.

  8. You aren't taking anything that requires math when you go camping, are you? Happy Thursday!

  9. Sounds like you have been busy!

  10. Sheesh! That's more than I do in an entire weekend! Have fun camping & happy Thursday!!

  11. Sounds like you had a busy day!!

  12. Wow you got a lot done!
    Take a break...

    My TT is up

  13. Where ya going camping?

  14. Sounds like a busy day for sure! You need to take a little break! :)


  15. Anonymous3:35 PM

    i used to do volunteer work for our soccer club, i was the treasurer but gave it up a year ago. this made me remember all of that work, but i can honestly say, i'm not missing it at all!

  16. Wow, you're way too organized!