Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to the gym

Darly passed her ice skating class and is ready to move on to level 4...but she isn't interested.

Instead she has asked to go back to gymnastics.  Funny though before she quit back in June I had noticed that she had stopped practicing.  After she quit, she started practicing again...but I haven't seen her practice lately (except for on her friend's trampoline).  So I've only paid for one session, which thankfully the gym's new owner decided to return to it's former 4 week length (the previous owner had made the sessions 8 weeks long...I guess in an attempt to keep the money from folks who were just trying it out.)

Tonight is going to be her first time back.  I don't know how she's feeling about this.  And I don't know if she realizes that this new schedule means that her friends aren't going to be able to spend the night during the week anymore...we're on Friday night only for sleepovers.  But DH & I are happy about it.  hee hee  (not that having her friends stay over is any bother at all...for the most part they all fit into our family really well and the only difference in having them over is a bit more noise.)

So we'll see how tonight goes.  I should go remind her that she has gym tonight so hopefully she doesn't whine about it when it's time to go.  That wouldn't be a good start.

In other news, thanks to DH's job and some specials on http://www.southwest.com/ we are working on planning our vacation.  DH has to go out to California at the end of October for a few days, so we'll fly out after his deal and meet up with him in Anaheim.  Had I known where the American Girl Place was before I booked our flight, I would have set it up to fly into LAX.  But we're flying into John Wayne and then driving up to American Girl Place.  DH was annoyed by how far it was...lol.  I'll drive, no big.  Although, the thought of driving in CA scares me a bit...but it can't be any worse than Korea or FL...right?

We're at a bit of a loss as to what to do with our other two days in CA though.  We think that we might just get a 2 day hopper for Disneyland and go there for the two days, but then DH also thinks we should try out some other stuff.

See his boss is giving him travel hints...his boss suggested Lego Land...his boss has boys!  I don't think that Darly is going to want to go to Lego Land...she hasn't played with Legos in about 7 years.  Lego sculptures are cool, but you can see them online, just fine. ;)  I'm going to research some of the other things to do in the area, but I really think that we'll be at Disney.


  1. Oooooooooooooooh! Jealous! Will you adopt me so I can go too?!?! O:)

    How far of a drive to San Diego? I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend their zoo. It really is better than every other zoo I have ever been to.

    Also, I'm not too up on my southern Cali geography (I prefer northern Cali to be honest), but you should see how far you are from either Yosemite or Joshua Tree. Both Nat'l Parks are supposed to be amazing.

  2. i hope gymnastics goes well! :) have fun picking out a travel destination!

  3. We went to both Disneyland and Legoland on our last CA trip. There was no comparison - Disneyland all the way!