Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a way to scare a bunch of moms!

Last night Darly's confirmation class had their first outting.

See the schedule of classes is 1st & 3rd Wednensdays they'll have their regular class and learn their lesson.  The 4th Wednesday they want the parents to attend and have a family class.  And the 2nd Wednesday they are going to do things away from the Church.

So the plan for last night was for the class to walk from our Church to a local park for some play time and then head across the street from there to the ice cream shop for a treat.  Then walk back to Church.

This all sounded like a great plan until I got back to Church to pick up Darly at 7:45pm and noticed how DARK it was outside and that there is NO CROSSWALK on the very busy road that the Church sits on the corner of.  ACK!!!  I was okay with the girls crossing this road at 6:30 when they left because it was still daylight, but by 7:30 it was very dark out.

I sat with a mom who had been at the Church the entire time.  She was as nervous as I was, which was doing nothing to make me feel any better!  And slowly other moms of the girls in Darly's class trickled in and we all sat there fretting.

Finally the girls arrived.  I have no idea what time they got back though because I left my watch & phone in my car.  But they had all made it back completely safe.  I found out later that two other moms had gone with them, which made me feel much better.  Turns out they took the longest route which was also the safest.  The only time they were in any danger was when they crossed the busy road and for that, they just ran!  (did I mention that Darly decided that the most appropriate footwear for this trip was FLIPFLOPS?!?!?)  I asked her teacher to PLEASE tell the girls to not wear flipflops next time because I am obiviously and idiot who doesn't know what she's talking about with my own child.  grrr!

Oh, the girls were told to bring $8 with them for buying ice cream.  Darly's ice cream costs $1.75... what bills does she use to pay for this?  The $5!!  :eyeroll!"  She defended herself by saying it was the first thing to come out of her bag.  "ummm Hello?  you keep digging!"  sigh!  Now I have loads of ones for change.  grumble grumble!

Tonight is Darly's last ice skating lesson.  Yup, she's decided to give that up.  She's very disappointed that she cannot do a bunny hop.  I'm disappointed with her coach...instead of working with Darly on her bunny hop this time (it's the second time she's been in this level class) she had decided to teach her the next level skills?!?!?!  So tonight I'm going to speak to the coach and have her test Darly out on the skills she isn't fair that she should be tested on the two skills that she didn't get last time only when she's learned so many other skills (in other words, why should I pay for this twice!!!)  I'm hoping that if Darly passes all the skills in this level and the next (since the coach taught them) she might be willing to keep with it.

Oh and Tuesday we signed Darly back up for Gymnastics.  And this is so totally silly!  Darly said she would go back to gymnastics IF she could be in the lower level class and with a different coach.  So I emailed the gym.  No, the level class that Darly wants is STILL combined with the upper level class, it's still the upper level lesson, and it's still with the same coach.  I tell all of this to Darly and guess what...she wants to do it anyway.  :eyeroll!:  Well I'm only paying for one session this time...cuz I never did get my money back last time, but they have applied it to this lesson.


  1. Oh, I would have been scared too!! Being asked to bring $8 for buying ice cream seems like a lot to me!

  2. How much ice cream do they think little girls are going to eat? *confused*

    I mean, I grabbed ice cream with the little man Sunday night after supper and ours combined wasn't that much - and at Culver's to boot!

  3. i hope the skating stuff gets straightened out and that the talk with the coach goes well. have a great weekend!