Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Today I met Tigger

Here's a link to his picture http://www.flickr.com/photos/79812389@N00/2191547675/in/photostream/

Tigger is my friend Jen's cat.  He's a very nice kitty.

Today while I was at Jen's house talking at her dining room table, Tigger first came into the room and after making his rounds decided that I needed to be checked out further.  (I would expect no less from a cat, it's just how they are!)

So he hops from one chair to my lap.  UFF!  He's not a light kitty!  And without so much of a sniff he invites me to pet him right away.  Apparently I'm pretty good at this kitty petting thing cuz he stayed there for quite some time...but then he noticed my water bottle on the table.  So he climbs up on the table and goes over to investigate it.  He was sniffing so closely to the opened neck of the bottle that I figured I wasn't gonna drink it anymore...seeing as he had practically kissed it.  I like cats, but not enough to kiss them full on the kitty lips. :p

So I poured some of the water into the cap of the bottle for him.  Tigger stuck his nose a bit too close and sprung back because the water was ice cold, but he quickly decided it needed more investigation and gave it a sip.  It must have been good (duh, I had been drinking it earlier, it was good!) cuz he slurped it all up.  I ended up giving him 3 cap fulls.

Jen was embarrased and kept appologizing for him, but I found him quite cute.  but we both decided that 3 cap fulls was quite enough.  However, tigger didn't think so.  Seeing as he was pawing at the bottle, I decided it would be best if I put the lid back on...and sure enough once the lid was on the bottle was knocked over by the cat.  He seemed suprised that the water wasn't coming out when the bottle fell over.  He had to give it a few whapps before giving up and trying to leave...to only then be held like a baby.

Darly was quite upset to hear this cuz she loves kitties and would have loved to have been there...but I seriously think she would have had much more fun where she was.


  1. Awww, I am having my own cat-experience cat-sitting the neighbors' Siamese cat, she cannot get enough attention and loves to jump on people's lap...

  2. Aaah! Tigger is adorable. I would have enjoyed him, too!

  3. Oh man! I would have been sneezing up a storm. I'm very allergic to cats. My eyes water, puff up, and I get itchy. Bad deal.
    But the world needs people like you, so the cats will be loved. HA!

  4. You made me miss my cat so much. He died three years ago and I freaking adored him. He sounds a lot like this cat...only he was kind of shy around strangers, so he was only really like that with me. And his name was Tigger too.

  5. I thought this was gonna be about you meeting the real Tigger at first. I was excited.

    That Winnie The Pooh had kind of a crappy nickname, though. Think about it. What if I called you Renee The Pooh.

  6. Tigger must be one very laid-back kitty. I've never seen a cat willing to wear a hat before (oops, I forgot about Dr. Seuss' "Cat in the Hat") :~)

  7. Yup, sounds like a curious cat. My cats will only drink water from the faucet. :-)