Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yesterday Darly went to a birthday party/sleepover/trip to amusement park. I dropped her off over at Heather's place at 4:30 and rushed home to my DH. I made sure to call DH at work to remind him of our good fortune (free childcare & a date night!)

DH & I went out to dinner and when we came home he called to check on his mom...while he did that I grabbed my Girl Scout paperwork to get that done so I could turn it in today. After talking to his mom he needed to do some research on the computer for her.

When he finished up his research he says that he's tired and going to bed...he was too tired for me to go to bed at that time.

I did some stuff on the computer and then started watching TV. I found a good movie to watch, I had missed the beginning but that's okay...I'm sure I'll catch it another time. Then another good movie came on and I watched it too. Next thing you know it's almost 3am when I crawl into bed.

I'm sleeping nicely when the phone rang at 8:35AM! Turns out that Darly had decided that she doesn't want to go to the amusement park, but I needed to go and get her right away so the rest of the party could go. =0 Heather's house is about 35 minutes away from mine...and the place that I needed to drop off the Girl Scout paperwork is between Heather's house and mine...closer to hers! So I crawl out of bed, and freshen up and forgo my coffee to get my child. ARGH!

On the way to Heather's house there was a slow up due to a car accident. Luckily I knew how to travel around it so I wasn't stuck in traffic and I got to Heather's with plenty of time to keep them on schedule. In fact they were still running around trying to pack the cars with everything that they needed for their day. And Heather's neighbor gave me a very nice gift bag while I was there (I still haven't opened it to see what's inside) but the bag itself is one of those reuseable grocery bags! Score! Now I have 9 bags and for now my grocery store pays me $0.05 a piece for them! hee hee

But now that I have child and gift bag I am in need of two things...

and a way to kill some time before my Girl Scout registration appointment.

and I need to avoid the intersection with the traffic accident in case there was any leftover traffic.

So we take a different route and it's on the way that I remember that there is a Panera Bread near there! SCORE! I can get coffee and a bite to eat...and kill a bit of time before my appointment. So we do that. I got a cinnamon crunch bagel (a very popular item today...I think I saw about 4 other orders for the same thing!) and a tall (aka small???) coffee.

Darly wasn't hungry until I was stuffed, so she finished up my bagel. But we still needed to kill some time until my appointment. Lucky for Darly there was a Halmark store near there...we went and looked at the latest Webkinz. The chipmunk is soooooo cute!

I went and turned in my registration stuff and needed to fill out a new Volunteer Application which required 3 character references... I hope the folks I chose like me...hee hee I just emailed them when I got home to give them a head's up.

Now, if you'll excuse me... I Needanap!


  1. What an adventure...!

  2. Hope you had that much deserved nap!!!

  3. Cinnamon Crunch bagels are my favorite, that's what I get when I go to Panera.
    I hope you got the nap. Sounds like a crazy morning!

  4. So... you guys had free child care and a date night planned and instead DH went to bed? Without you? Hmmm. Something's wrong with this picture!

  5. I have a frying pan for DH ;)

  6. I think you need a new nap, and a new date night. :)

  7. Did you finally get a nap and haven't woke up????