Saturday, September 06, 2008

Things missed due to illness...

Wednesday night this illness snuck up on us. I first noticed that my throat was a bit scratchy some time that evening.

Thursday morning I woke up early in full blown sickness. :P I wasn't a happy seen by my post. Darly woke up soon after me and she was sick too. Lucky her, she took several naps that day. Me I stayed up suffering.

MISSED: Darly's Ice Skating practice & lesson. I figured that standing in a refrigerator for an hour and 30 minutes and then to come back and do it again for 30 minutes was crazy! I know that she didn't miss out on learning anything as I'm a bit upset with her coach for not working with her!

Friday: to be nice to DH I slept in the guest room so he could get a good night's sleep without me tossing and turning, coughing and such. Well I woke up to use the restroom and noticed that he was still in bed at 6:45am. Ummm normally he would have already left the house to be at work at 7am. So I went to him and said "You didn't tell me that you were staying home today." to which he sprung out of bed and rushed to the shower. Seems that he had forgotten to set his alarm clock. Well at least he was well rested! Which he needed, cuz work was a bear.
Darly was relatively active, while I was able to take a nap.

MISSED: Darly's Girl Scout meeting...which was canceled due to us and 2 other families being sick. The healthy families appreciated our stinginess with our germs.

Saturday: I slept in the guest room again. I think DH is happy about that as he needed to not be sick today. He had to go to his mother's to help her out with a few things. I've got Darly finally straightening up her mess.

MISSED: Sunday School teacher training. I didn't think that they would want my germs either and seeing as my head feels like it wants to explode, I didn't that driving was in my best interest.

Tomorrow is Rally Day at Church, but I think that I'll be staying home for that as well. I really hope that they were able to get a co-teacher for our class, because I really do not want to have to teach this class all by myself again.


  1. We will be missing our rally day too tomorrow... STINK!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Mentholatum gets a lot of praise in our house - my best friend told me to lather it on the bottom of (yours, the kids) feet before bed and put socks on - it stops ALL coughing at night. It works!!

  3. Heather: This is the first year where they've decided to spend some money on it and have a carnival at the church with a bounce house and all. :(

    Leanne: Actually this cold has been very nice to us in letting us sleep w/o's just when we've had enough sleep that we wake up coughing. :p

  4. Oh and I should mention that I'm not all that upset about missing these things. It has been nice to not be able to do anything. ;)

  5. :( Sounds like you're been stuck at home feeling miserable... hope the illness passes soon!